Disney Beyond the Parks: What to do on Non-Park Days

April 18, 2021

When you're planning a Disney trip, it's tempting to jam-pack every waking moment of your trip with park time. There's simply so much to see & do within the parks, but it's just impossible to check off every item from your Disney trip to-do list. There's also an entire world (literally) beyond just the Disney parks. From Disney Springs to resorts and everything in between, there are some absolute must-do's that don't even require a park ticket!

I was recently in Orlando (no one is surprised) visiting some friends (shoutout to the Citrus Twins!) and I got to spend majority of my trip exploring Orlando & Winter Garden (more on that coming soon). But of course, being the Disney-obsessed person I am, I couldn't be that close to Disney and not do something Disney-related. But with my friends' annual passes blocked out, the parks were just not an option, so we ended up doing Disney Springs & some resort hopping to scratch that Disney itch. I got a lot of questions on my Instagram about things to do beyond the parks, so it gave me an idea for today's post. So I'm compiling some of my top suggestions for must-do's outside of the 4 WDW parks!

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