Chattalocal: High Rail at the Chattanoogan

February 26, 2021


I am usually the go-to girl in our friend group who seems to be "in the know" of when new places open up (probably because I'm constantly sifting through Instagram geotags!) so when new bars, restaurants or shops pop up, I'm typically the one to fire off a group text. Just think of me as a less cool version of Bill Hader's SNL character Stefon ("Chattanooga's hottest new club is....."). Except in this case, it's not a club (are those even a thing anymore?), it's a rooftop restaurant & lounge, and goodness knows Chattanooga needs more of those! For a city legit known as the "Scenic City," the restaurant & bar scene around here sure isn't capitalizing on that fact, but we're making some strides.

Guide to Doing Disney in the Pandemic: V. 2021, Part II

February 20, 2021

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Picking up right where I last left off: our first park day! The whole reason I had planned our trip for February was to finally check out the Epcot International Festival of the Arts (or - more affectionately known in certain Disney community circles - as iFARTS). Pro tip: If you can plan your trip for January/February when this festival is running, do it. The weather this time of year is pretty great (though ours was a mixed bag: one day it was pretty chilly & the next it was upper 70s and kind of humid), the crowds are low (though that might be more due to covid...), and the Festival of the Arts is in full swing.

I'm a seasoned Epcot festival veteran. I've done Food&Wine more times than I can count, Flower & Garden twice, and the Festival of the Holidays just once. But iFARTS has eluded me since its inaugural year. The timing of this festival just never worked out for me, until now. And I am oh so glad I finally got the chance to go!

Guide to Doing Disney in the Pandemic: V. 2021, Part I

February 17, 2021


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I recently got back from a wonderful 5 day vacation to my home away from home, Disney World. Prior to this trip, the last time I had set foot on Disney property was August 2019, so it's safe to say a lot had changed in the time between that last trip & this one (like, a whole pandemic's worth of changes). We had been holding off our next visit because we just didn't know what to expect: would it be safe to go? Would we be sweltering in our masks? Would my daughter Lilly even wear a mask? Would it still be magical?

The moment we set foot on Disney property, all my worries were alleviated. I will say that it was definitely a different kind of trip (especially with a toddler), but having to do the whole mask thing was surprisingly - a non-issue (mostly). It was still magical and can absolutely be worth it to get your Disney fix in.

So for this guide & trip recap, I'm going to run through how it went, in case you're curious what Disney is really like during the pandemic, beyond the glittering and gilded Instagram posts and highlight reels. Plus, I'm throwing out a lot of pro tips throughout this post, so be on the lookout for those!

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