January Favorites

January 30, 2020

As part of a new series on my blog (that I will hopefully keep up with), at the end of each month I’ll be rounding up my favorites & “currents” - anything from movies/tv, to music, to fashion, to...well, basically whatever I feel like I’ve been into and/or obsessing over & that I think is totally shareworthy!

With January coming to a close, I wanted to kick off the series this month (& we’ll see how many months I make it before I forget to do a roundup)! First up...

Caffeine Queen: A Comprehensive Guide to Chattanooga Coffee

January 27, 2020

Last updated: 7/5/2021

A good cup of coffee is like liquid gold running through your veins and wrapping you in a warm hug, right before it swiftly slaps you in the face and screams, "Time to be an adult!"

Like many, coffee has become a necessity for me before I can actually "adult." This magical elixir can take me from a frazzled, still-half-asleep grizzly bear of a girl to a fully functioning member of society (outfitted in something other than the entire loungewear section of Target). Plus, it's freaking delicious. I like to joke that I take my cream & sugar with a little coffee: that is to say, I enjoy coffee that has lots of flavor to it - the weirder the better. Iced banana latte with almond milk? Yes, please. Coconut latte that tastes like liquefied samoas? Absolutely! Black coffee? No thanks, I'm not entirely crazy. Enjoy your bitter bean water.

Rock the Dots: How to Style Polka Dots

January 21, 2020

Well, well, well, if isn't another "national holiday" I can go all out for. Nice to see you, National Polka Dot Day. Obviously, I couldn't pass this opportunity up. I have always been a fan of polka dots; it's just such a fun pattern! The first thing I think of when I see a polka dot pattern (especially a red polka dot pattern) is Minnie Mouse. She has the ultimate classic style, and I had to join in the fun to rock the dots today!

I threw together a quick little post featuring some of my favorite past polka dot looks & ideas on how to style them, and I scoured the internet for some cute polka-pieces for you guys.

Build a Better Cheese Board: National Cheese Lovers Day 101

January 19, 2020

These days there’s a holiday for everything and some of them are truly ridiculous: National Lost Sock Memorial Day (unofficially celebrated every laundry cycle), National Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day (there’s something very satisfying about popping good bubble wrap), or National Lazy Day (literally me every day after I get home from work) - just to name a few. And don’t forget all those foodie holidays we love to celebrate: coffee day, guac day, and oh yea, National Cheese Lovers Day!!

(Stay with me here, guys. This post might get a little cheesy, but I think it’s really grate.)

Disney Passholder: Top 5 FAQs about becoming an AP

January 12, 2020

Reflecting back on 2019, I got to check off a lot of things on my bucket list, and one of them was  finally becoming a Disney Annual Passholder. Ok, so I technically bought my AP in fall of 2018, but that gave me a whole year of trips! I also never got around to posting my thoughts & experiences on the subject, so why not open with an AP review & why its 100% worth it? Well, if you’re a Disney fan of course!

Disney is definitely not everyone’s cup of tea. While I see it as a magical land where time stops & your inner child can run wild, others see it as...well, a hot & overcrowded tourist trap where children are literally running wild (yes, Disney can be meltdown-central, but what else could you expect from a place with probably the highest concentration of toddlers at any given time?)

First Trip of 2020: Knoxville

January 7, 2020


One of my New Years goals is to travel more - whether it’s a short day trip, a long weekend, or a full blown vacation, I just want to get out and travel more often. I love visiting new & favorited/frequented places (hi FL!), especially if it involves getting to taste-test new restaurants or finding cool coffee shops.

Since Chattanooga is so centrally located to major cities like Nashville & Atlanta, those are usually in the rotation. But one place we don’t go as much is Knoxville (& that’s about to change)! Knoxville offers so much to do, but since we were just going for the day, we stuck to just a handful of things. 

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