End 2020 with Resilience

December 30, 2020

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We all know how much of a dumpster fire this year has been, but even through all the chaos, 2020 has been pivotal. I’ve heard so many others echoing that sentiment as well. This year was a catalyst for change and personal growth, and that’s something truly miraculous that has come out of 2020. Yes, quarantine was terrible. But you know what isn’t? Spending more time with family (or on yourself, for those of us who are separated from family and haven’t seen them for over a year now – hey oooooh); focusing on “the little things”; gratitude – for every aspect of your life. 

We all get to a point around this time of year where we gear up for the following and vow to do better, be better, follow through with goals & promises. Then, inevitably, around the 2-week mark (or 1 month mark for those of you with more willpower), those resolutions tend to lose a bit of their luster, we lose steam, and ultimately fall back into bad habits. I know this because I absolutely was one of those people. But 2020 has changed me, and I’m holding myself accountable by actually putting this down in writing. I’ve never really “published” my New Year’s resolutions, mostly to save myself from the eventual embarrassment & shame around my feeble attempt to “eat healthier” for a few weeks by cutting out Chick-Fil-A french fries and maybe hitting the gym here & there. I think that by actually putting this out into the world and “speaking it into being” (or typing it, rather), holds more weight; there’s power in words.

10 Healthy Habits to Improve Your Sleep

December 2, 2020

We all know that quality sleep is essential for overall wellness & good health, but if you've been having some major trouble in the bedroom (uh, not that kind!) and your sleep has suffered as a result, it can cause a whole myriad of problems - everything from anxiety to issues with your immune system.

Ok, yeah yeah, we get it - we need sleep! But if you're struggling, what can you do about it? Well that's what this post is all about! This year has brought so many new & negative changes that my sleep took a big nose dive a few months ago, but often, "in the deep end is where you grow" (Down to the Roots, by  Saveria - look it up. Inspirational song)!

Through my temporary bought of insanity insomnia, I discovered some very helpful & simple tips to drastically improve sleep. If you're having trouble falling asleep, pick a few of these tips to implement into your nightly routine & I'm sure you'll see an improvement!

Travel Guide to Gatlinburg, TN: When, Where & What

November 20, 2020

If you're native to TN (or its nearby surrounding states), chances are you've heard of a little town called Gatlinburg (or its sister-town, Pigeon Forge). If not, let me paint a really quick picture for you: sprawling Smoky Mountains in golden hues as luminous as the sun (in fall, anyway), a bustling "main strip" filled with tourist traps (but also, kitschy/nostalgic little tucked-away gems), booze on every corner (moonshine, whiskey & wine, oh my!), and OH MY GOD SO MANY BEARS (don't worry - just bear imagery). You'll find bear images, statues, and logos everywhere (but also: real bears, too, if you're remote in a cabin somewhere, so be smart.)

Smoky Mountain Getaway with New Hotel Collection

November 18, 2020

One thing I love about traveling is getting to stay at a hotel (clearly, I am not the camping type). I love being able to sleep in a giant bed, enjoy all of the different amenities hotels offer, and the overall feeling of being in a new place with new things to experience (& bonus, I don't have to clean)! Travel is something that has always fueled me, whether it's a quick weekend trip or a full blown weeklong stay. Just getting away and jumping into new surroundings, with new opportunities to explore is such a thrill for me (one that I hope I get to do more of, very soon)!

Recently, I had the incredible opportunity to partner with New Hotel Collection for their newest property, located in the Great Smoky Mountains. I was already a big fan of the Smoky Mountains to begin with (it's our go-to for fall trips to see the stunning foilage), so I jumped at the chance to stay at their beautiful new property for a weekend getaway!

Good Morning, Sunshine: 3 Quick On-the-Go Breakfasts

November 16, 2020


I've never been a huge breakfast person. Usually my mornings were fueled by last minute coffee haphazardly poured into a to-go mug and maybe a quick granola bar. But lately, I've been discovering my love of a good, healthy breakfast, filled with nutritious energy that will last throughout my morning. However, I'm still an on-the-go working mom, often with just 5 or 10 minutes to throw something together before I have to head out the door with my little one in tow for daycare.

So I decided to share my 3 go-to quick breakfasts that I keep coming back to again & again! These are easy ideas you can completely customize to your own palette & whatever ingredients you might have on hand. The best part is all of these options take less than 5 minutes to throw together!

Dealing with Anxiety in the Age of Corona: Part II

November 14, 2020

Looking for Part I? Check out my first round of tips here!

With Covid cases on the rise, and coming off the heels of a heated (& still possibly, questionably ongoing?) election, tensions are high and anxiety can rear its ugly head yet again. Some countries are headed back into lockdown as the second wave (or is it third?) washes over the world, and that's scary. 2020 has been a whirlwind of emotions and events, but if there's one thing this year has taught me, it's how to manage stress and anxiety.

So I'm back with another list of helpful tips, activities, and strategies to grab the rest of 2020 by the ____ (I'll let you fill in the blank), pin it to the ground, and say, "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!" Don't give this year, the media, or the negativity anything else to feed off of. By implementing a few (or all!) of these suggestions, you will be outfitting yourself with some pretty powerful armor that will do wonders for your mental health. So let's jump in!

How To Feel More Beautiful

October 25, 2020

Today we're doing something a little bit different here on Cake After Midnight and I've got a great guest post comin' at ya from my beautiful & lovely friend Emma Johnson of Emma J. Agency. So let's dive in!

Answer me this: When you look in the mirror, how do you see yourself? 

This is not a topic of vanity. 

Research suggests that how we think affects how we feel. This may not be news to you, but do you actually apply this to yourself? It also suggests that having negative thoughts about ourselves can cause us physical and mental harm. 

What to Expect from a Tarot Reading

October 23, 2020

I’ve always taken an interest in the metaphysical/mystical, ever since I can remember. We had a Ouiji board growing up, but like most kids messing around with that stuff (word of warning: DON’T), we just used it for asking silly things like if our crush was into us, and then we would all scream with excitement as we took turns yelling over each other, “You’re moving it! Ok, really guys, who’s moving it? I’m not doing it!” 

I was also super into faeries as a kid and collected all things fae – books (this Suza Scalora photography collection moved me so much as a teen), figurines, and I eventually graduated to this beautiful faerie oracle deck. I had no idea really what I was doing or how to use it, but I found the idea alluring – plus, you can’t deny the art is serene and ethereal (quick side note: a tarot deck is much more structured and has ancient roots, whereas an oracle deck can take many forms and there is no set number of cards or a specific set of rules it has to follow). Some of my favorite decks are the faerie deck and the self-care oracle deck, which I use on a daily basis (it’s all positive cards that tell you different self-care things, like meditate, do yoga, take a bath, etc.)

The Ultimate Spooky Season Playlist

October 20, 2020

Purple glitter skeleton

I'm a huge fan of music. There have been so many times where I feel like music literally saved my life. I use it to express myself/listen to whatever I may be feeling at the moment, get me super pumped for a workout (or chores, ugh!), or turn up the volume as high as it will go, and jam out on my commute to work. One of my favorite things has always been creating mixtapes/CDs. That's kind of a thing of the past now (though if you're like me, you still buy, collect, and regularly play CDs), so the next best thing has become playlists. I love using Spotify to curate different playlists to fuel my moods. I also love creating individualized playlists for friends. One of my bridesmaids gifts (ahem, years ago I might add) was a unique playlist for each friend, created specifically just for them, of songs that either reminded me of them or spoke to our friendship on some level (so, as you can imagine given my age, most of those mixes had a ton of Spice Girls, Backstreet & Britney).

Halloween is no exception. There are so many great songs out there that inspire that spooky mood, even outside of your typical "Monster Mash" type songs. So I've created the perfect playlist for October that's sure to get you in the spirit (but honestly, I listen to this year round. The first song is legit a banger).

Dayton, TN: The little town you never knew you needed to visit

August 16, 2020

If you live in Chattanooga or one of its surrounding areas, you've probably been to - or at least heard of - Dayton, TN. It's one of those quintessential small southern towns. You know - the kind that conjur images of people sitting on their front porch, sippin' sweet tea, a quaint Main Street with little mom & pop type stores, and a church on every corner. Cute, right? Well if you were passing through Dayton, you'd think just that, but you'd be wrong. Dayton is so much more than that.

Working with Brands 101: Tips for New Bloggers & Micro Influencers

August 9, 2020

Collab/shopping event with Ann Taylor

I was actually inspired to write this post by a DM I recently received. A new blogger had reached out to me asking for advice because a company commented on one of her posts about collabing (red flag, #1. We'll get into this later). I was able to steer her away from potentially being scammed and it got me thinking: what if there are others out there that need to hear this? I wish someone had given me a rundown of how things worked when I was first starting out!

I have actually worked with quite a few brands, but let me preface this by saying I am by no means an expert on the subject, and the number of brands I have worked with pales in comparison to some of my blogger friends (sidenote: all of the photos on this post are pulled from brand collabs I did). I merely wanted to share what I have learned thus far as a "micro influencer" (more like nano influencer, and honestly, I don't even really like the term "influencer" but it is what it is. I just consider myself a blogger, first and foremost.) Anyone can be an "influencer." If you have followers, you have "influence" and by that, I just mean that clearly there are people out there that care about you and what you have to offer & share with the world.

What To Expect When You're Expecting [A Disney Vacation]: A Guide to Disney's "New Normal"

July 23, 2020

Disney reopening

Recently, my friend & fellow Disney-lovin' Instagrammer, Tara, returned from a trip to Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL. I know a lot of us are really curious about all of the new procedures, how they work, and what it's like at the parks right now (especially in a hot mask all day. Hellooooo sweaty face)! So I asked Tara if she would be into doing a guest blog post here on Cake After Midnight. It's been a minute since I've had a guest post, and since I'm such a huge Disnerd (& I know a ton of you guys are too!), I thought this would be a great time for this type of post. So without further ado, let's see what Tara had to say!

Best Gulf Coast Beaches in Florida: St. Pete, Tampa & Clearwater Area

July 21, 2020

One of the reasons I, like countless others, love FL so much is the mermazing beaches dotted along the coast (I see what you did there). I'm a Gulf Coast girl, so I much prefer the gulf side rather than the Atlantic side. Narrowing it down even further, the Greater Tampa area has some of the best beaches in the state, thanks to pristine white sugar sand and crystal clear waters.

We went to numerous different beaches on our recent trip but three of them seriously stood out and each has its own set of reasons why I love it. So if you're headed down south, keep this list handy (even if you're not - you'll want to save this one for later)!

Among the Sunflowers: Where to Catch the Sunflowers in Chattanooga

July 18, 2020

A visit to this sunflower field has become an annual tradition for me. My first trip was back in the summer of 2017 when I was newly pregnant with Lilly, and we have been coming ever since. This particular location is Smith-Perry Berries Farm in Ooltewah, TN (about 30 minutes from downtown Chattanooga).

In addition to a sprawling field of sunflowers that stretch on for what seems like miles, the farm also offers strawberry picking and of course, sunflower picking by the bucketful! This is a great location to visit in the early morning or late evening to avoid the incredibly hot sun (& harsh lighting for all my fellow content creators)! The farm is open until sundown, usually about 9pm each evening.

Trip Report: Exploring Tampa, Clearwater & St. Pete

July 3, 2020

Love St. Pete posts? Check out my other trip reports here & here!

My love affair with FL stems from my childhood and the numerous summers spent visiting family down there (Miami, Delray & Ft. Lauderdale just to name a few), as well as the obligatory trip to Disney any time we even set foot in the state. I love the beaches, the theme parks, the crystal springs, the palm trees (kind of obsessed with them), and yes, the heat (I will gladly take 365 days of boob sweat if it means I don't have to suffer through 4-5 months of cold weather). So naturally, FL is without a doubt, always my #1 destination of choice. There are lots of wonderful towns to explore, pristine sugar sand beaches to visit, and old cities steeped in rich history (I see you, St. Augustine)! But somehow, St. Pete has become one of our favorite places to vacation (this was our 3rd summer in a row) so a few weeks ago, my family & I roadtripped it down for a weeklong stay, which got rescheduled 3 times & almost didn't happen, due to the-virus-that-shall-not-be-named.

We love this area of FL because it has some of the best beaches and is pretty centrally located to lots of other fun cities & beach towns. Downtown St. Pete has a really cool & funky vibe, with a small town feel, and I could 100% see myself moving there one day (soon...if I get my way! But those who know me also know that I've been trying to make this my reality for years now).

Lavender Fields Forever: An Evening at Lookout Lavender Farm

June 19, 2020

You know those stunning wanderlust photos on Instagram of girls in white dresses, looking wistfully off into the distance in the middle of a lavender field that goes on for miles & miles? I've always wanted to experience that. Well, majority of those are in Provence, France, and unfortunately, a luxurious trip to France just isn't in the cards for me anytime soon (I can only imagine the insanity that would ensue on a transcontinental flight with my two year old. Hard pass).

Lucky for me, I stumbled upon a little farm just outside of Chattanooga where I could live out my travel bug dreams & experience a little taste of the lavender fields for myself.

Everyday Pixiedust: 10 Ways to Live the Disney Magic on the Daily

April 29, 2020

Buckle up and por favor, mantenganse alejado de las puertas, guys, because this is going to be one long ride! I mean post...(if you're reading this, you're probably at least a little bit into Disney. If you make it all the way to the end, congratulations, you're officially a Disney junkie).

So we're stuck in quarantine, the world feels like it's falling apart at the seams, and the Disney parks are closed (insert exaggerated 3 minute long gasp here). For some of us addicts, this is absolutely soul crushing. Ok, I'm being dramatic here because in the grand scheme of things, there are more pressing matters. BUT we still need a little pixiedust in our lives, now more than ever. So what's a Disney fan to do when you can't go to Disney? You bring Disney to you. 

No, I'm not talking about those epic overchieving people that have gone viral with their videos about how they made a Jungle Cruise ride in their backyard or completely transformed their living room into Cinderella's Castle (I'm a working mom stuck at home with a 2 year old. I do not have time for that - kudos if you do). This post is all about simple & easy ways how you can bring home that Disney magic that we all know & love. Whether it's muddling through quarantine, a long gap between Disney trips, or getting over a Disney vacation hangover, there are plenty of ways to keep the Disney spirit alive & well at home.

Staying Sane in Quarantine

April 13, 2020

It's been a minute since I last posted. You'd think with all this quarantining and being stuck at home it would be just the opposite and I should be killing it right now at the blogging game, but I'm trying to work from home and at the same time care for my 2 year old & attempt to keep her entertained (Disney+ has become our version of Mary Poppins: it makes for a great nanny when I'm busy with work - more on this later)!

These days we're all stuck inside a lot more than we'd like, but it doesn't have to be all doom & gloom! I wanted to throw a quick post together to share some of the things I've been doing here at home to stay sane during these uncertain & unprecedented times, and offer up a list of some things you guys could try too!

Dealing with Anxiety in the Age of Corona

March 27, 2020

Looking for more self care articles? Be sure to check out this post on self care here!

Y'all know I love fun, colorful, whimsical content. But in today's ever changing environment, I would be doing you guys a disservice if I wasn't churning out some content that might help deal with what is going on in the world these days. Even if only one person reads this, if they can take something away from it that is helpful in any way at all, that matters to me.

So by now, we're all probably sick of hearing about COVID-19, but unfortunately it is unavoidable: it's everywhere! It's absolutely terrifying, and for someone who already stresses out on a regular basis about normal everyday issues like cleaning the house & being on time for appointments, layering a debilitating, life threatening, incredibly contagious disease on top of that is a recipe for a panic attack (or 5).

The New Normal: Tips for Working from Home

March 22, 2020

With the pandemic comes a whole slew of new vocabulary words and practices which have all become the "new normal": social distancing, self-isolating, quarantine, flatten the curve. In an effort to do all of these things, many businesses and places of work are now either closed completely or have adopted a policy of working remotely. With that comes many challenges, depending on your situation. Got kids? Hah, it just got 10x harder (I speak from experience), but it's 100% manageable. 

In Full Bloom: Spring Look Book Ft. Ann Taylor

March 17, 2020

Disclaimer: this post is sponsored by Ann Taylor with clothing gifted by the brand in exchange for posts. All thoughts & opinions are my own..
Me in winter: long sleeve shirt under a muted toned sweater, fleece lined black leggings, and 8 blankets on top of that.
Me in spring: HELLO COLOR & PRINTS!

It's almost spring! The warm temps are finally here and my bold & bright wardrobe is slowly emerging from the depths of the rubbermaid containers where it has been living for the past 6 months (the struggle of sharing 1 tiny barely walk-in closet with your hubs). I love spring for so many reasons, but a big part of what really gets me excited for the season is just the fashion! Since I don't live in sunny vacationland (Florida) 24/7, I can't really put my Lilly Pulitzer outfits on repeat year round, and while I do have some bright & fun sweaters for fall/winter, I mostly just opt for whatever is going to keep me the warmest from October - February. But come March, I emerge out of my little fleece cocoon, because it's finally warm enough outside to not need puffy jackets, Uggs, and quadruple layers of clothing (really though, you guys would think I lived in Antarctica with the way I talk about "winter" in Tennessee. My beachgirl blood just can't take it).

Shop With Me: In-Store Event with Ann Taylor

March 14, 2020

It's almost the first day of spring, and I'm so beyond excited for the new season! Winter has felt like it's lasted for forever + a day, and it's basically been monsooning off & on since the middle of February. I don't know about y'all but I'm burnt out on wearing oversized sweaters, muted colors, and opting for warmth over fashion. My spring & summer looks are 1,000x more fun to put together than winter, so March couldn't come soon enough!

To kick off spring, I partnered with Ann Taylor for a fun event. They have so many great pieces right now that you can snag from their spring collection (give me all the bold colors and florals, please)!

Brunch Like A Local: Ruby Sunshine Restaurant Review

March 4, 2020

You know that sinking, defeated feeling you get when you slink into a fast-food breakfast joint at 10:35 AM, only to be greeted by a smug-looking cashier who says (in the most condescending way possible), “Sorry. We just stopped serving breakfast” (yet you can clearly see a stack of chicken biscuits basking in the warm glow of the heat lamps behind her)? OK, thanks for nothing, KAREN.

This is why all-day brunch joints are my new best friend. What’s not to love about stuffing your face with (stuffed) French toast at 1:30 on a lazy Sunday afternoon, while gossiping over grits with your besties? Lucky for me, Ruby Sunshine just opened up here in Chattanooga, and I am 110% here for it! (Because Karen isn’t going to dictate what time I can eat pancakes, thankyouverymuch).

Good Hair Days: R+Co Product Review

March 2, 2020

Ever since I had my daughter, I feel like my hair has taken a turn for the worse. I suffered some postpartum hair loss and when that finally subsided, I was left with some seriously strange texture to my hair. It felt so different, tangled easily, and trying to run a comb through it was like brushing with a cactus. I pulled so hard one night that the handle of my brush literally broke, and that scene from Princess Diaries started playing in a loop in my head ("You broke my glasses!" "You broke my brush.")

My hair has finally returned to somewhat normal status, but now more than ever, I am always on the lookout for great hair products to help manage my new mane. I am so glad I discovered R+Co hair products because they are truly outstanding! All of their products are cruelty-free and created without parabens, sulfates, or any of that other yucky stuff you just don't want in your hair products. One thing that instantly caught my eye when I was browsing their product line was how they "theme" each product. "R+Co is about an experience," so all of their packaging & fragrances are designed to "enhance that experience and evoke a feeling, place, style or attitude." So I took this idea & ran with it. 

They sent me a few products to test out, and I loved them so much that I just had to put together a whole post about them. When I find great products that I truly love & believe in, I just have to share with y'all. But full disclaimer here, while I was gifted these products, I was under no obligation to do an entire post about them (& all thoughts & opinions are my own). I just love them that much. So here we go!

Galentines Babes Take on Nashville

February 13, 2020

If you're not into celebrating Valentines Day, it's ok. I totally get it. There's so much pressure to impress your loved one(s) with heart shaped mystery chocolates (what is that filling anyway!?), fancy dinners (just deliver a pizza to my house & I'm golden), and over the top dates (then again, I wouldn't say no if a limo arrived to pick me up). It seems like every year, we try to one-up the year before, and eventually, you either run out of ideas or just get so exhausted from it all that you just decide to stay in & eat leftover Chinese food from the safe confines of your couch. But even if you loathe Valentines Day, there's one other made up holiday that you should absolutely be celebrating: Galentines Day!

Officially celebrated on February 13th, Galentines Day is a day all about those special ladies in your life. Thanks to Leslie Knope, we now have a completely legit excuse to spend an entire day brunching with our besties over waffles & mimosas, followed up by a luxurious spa day of mani-pedis & lounging poolside in a private cabana somewhere warm & sunny. Ok, so that's really more so just my ultimate girls day fantasy, but the brunch part, I can definitely do. So I did!

Must See Chick Flicks

February 11, 2020

I have zero shame in admitting it: I love a good chick flick. They’re fun, they’re cheesy, & they’re usually complete escapism. This time of year, I love loading up my Netflix queue with rom coms & pulling out all the chick flick DVDs from my stash (yes. I still watch those). So I thought it would be fun to share a list of my favorite girly films (& also tell you what you NEED to be streaming right now)! February is a great time to spend cozy nights in watching movies, while cuddled up on the couch with your pets (because my hubs sure as hell isn't sitting through double features of The Notebook & How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days. My pups however, have no choice).

Chattalocal: Pre-Valentines Breakfast Date at Syrup & Eggs

February 6, 2020

I'm one of those people that procrastinates, hard. I plan vacations on the fly (like 3-days-before-we're-supposed-to-leave-oh-shit-what-are-we-doing-with-the-dogs kind of fly), I buy birthday cards weeks in advance but then put off mailing them until the day before (sorry, Dad!), and I may or may not have speed-read The Iliad and then wrote an entire essay on it all in one night for a college history project due the next day (the pinnacle of my procrastination career). So when it comes to Valentines day, I'm that person that waits until the last minute to think up something DIY-ish & cute, but ends up frantically calling every restaurant in town trying to get last minute reservations when my Pinterest idea goes up in flames (literally. I told y'all I can't cook).

So this year on the actual 14th, I'll probably be staying in with the hubs (ordering takeout & watching SNL reruns), since we've got a toddler with a 7:30 bedtime and babysitters are a rarity these days (especially this year, with Valentines being on a Friday! If you hadn't booked a sitter 3-4 months in advance by now, you're not going anywhere, honey). But who says you even have to celebrate Valentines on Valentines? And why does it always have to be a fancy dinner? It's fun to do the whole dinner & a movie thing for date night & wear something other than fleece PJs once, maybe twice a year, but when you procrastinate so much that you never even book a sitter in the first place, you just take the fam to breakfast instead - because hey moms, you're up at 6:30 on a Sunday anyway, so why the hell not?

Galentines Gift Guide (AKA: things I bought based on packaging)

February 3, 2020

Let’s talk Galentines gift guide! Wait, don’t you mean Valentines? No, girl, GALentines. Because let’s face it, if you’re a girl reading this, looking for Valentines gift guides (as in gifts-for-your-man), you’re in the wrong department, babe. You need to take yourself on a date to Victoria’s Secret, grab something cute (& that makes you feel cute), and hand deliever that jazz in person with a beer in one hand & a pizza in the other because literally nothing on this list I’m about to share would be of any interest to our red-blooded male spouses (pro tip: those bacon bouquets on Pinterest are a great man gift & 100% easy to make. I speak from experience & I am a horrible cook.) We all know Valentine’s Day is more for us ladies anyway (we want to wear cute pink & red outfits, drink Prosecco, and gossip over brunch while instagramming the whole shebang).

That being said, girls are WAY more fun to shop for anyway. It is because of this reason that places like Target & TJ Maxx are time warps. One minute, I’m walking through the aisle putting diapers & milk in my cart, and the next I’m waking up at home, post-blackout, with a chocolate raspberry face mask still on, next to 2 bags worth of dollar spot tea towels, Valentines socks, and cartons of Prosecco cotton candy. I don’t ask questions anymore. To quote the Baby Yoda show, I’ve just accepted that yes, “This is the way.

January Favorites

January 30, 2020

As part of a new series on my blog (that I will hopefully keep up with), at the end of each month I’ll be rounding up my favorites & “currents” - anything from movies/tv, to music, to fashion, to...well, basically whatever I feel like I’ve been into and/or obsessing over & that I think is totally shareworthy!

With January coming to a close, I wanted to kick off the series this month (& we’ll see how many months I make it before I forget to do a roundup)! First up...

Caffeine Queen: A Comprehensive Guide to Chattanooga Coffee

January 27, 2020

Last updated: 7/5/2021

A good cup of coffee is like liquid gold running through your veins and wrapping you in a warm hug, right before it swiftly slaps you in the face and screams, "Time to be an adult!"

Like many, coffee has become a necessity for me before I can actually "adult." This magical elixir can take me from a frazzled, still-half-asleep grizzly bear of a girl to a fully functioning member of society (outfitted in something other than the entire loungewear section of Target). Plus, it's freaking delicious. I like to joke that I take my cream & sugar with a little coffee: that is to say, I enjoy coffee that has lots of flavor to it - the weirder the better. Iced banana latte with almond milk? Yes, please. Coconut latte that tastes like liquefied samoas? Absolutely! Black coffee? No thanks, I'm not entirely crazy. Enjoy your bitter bean water.

Rock the Dots: How to Style Polka Dots

January 21, 2020

Well, well, well, if isn't another "national holiday" I can go all out for. Nice to see you, National Polka Dot Day. Obviously, I couldn't pass this opportunity up. I have always been a fan of polka dots; it's just such a fun pattern! The first thing I think of when I see a polka dot pattern (especially a red polka dot pattern) is Minnie Mouse. She has the ultimate classic style, and I had to join in the fun to rock the dots today!

I threw together a quick little post featuring some of my favorite past polka dot looks & ideas on how to style them, and I scoured the internet for some cute polka-pieces for you guys.

Build a Better Cheese Board: National Cheese Lovers Day 101

January 19, 2020

These days there’s a holiday for everything and some of them are truly ridiculous: National Lost Sock Memorial Day (unofficially celebrated every laundry cycle), National Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day (there’s something very satisfying about popping good bubble wrap), or National Lazy Day (literally me every day after I get home from work) - just to name a few. And don’t forget all those foodie holidays we love to celebrate: coffee day, guac day, and oh yea, National Cheese Lovers Day!!

(Stay with me here, guys. This post might get a little cheesy, but I think it’s really grate.)

Disney Passholder: Top 5 FAQs about becoming an AP

January 12, 2020

Reflecting back on 2019, I got to check off a lot of things on my bucket list, and one of them was  finally becoming a Disney Annual Passholder. Ok, so I technically bought my AP in fall of 2018, but that gave me a whole year of trips! I also never got around to posting my thoughts & experiences on the subject, so why not open with an AP review & why its 100% worth it? Well, if you’re a Disney fan of course!

Disney is definitely not everyone’s cup of tea. While I see it as a magical land where time stops & your inner child can run wild, others see it as...well, a hot & overcrowded tourist trap where children are literally running wild (yes, Disney can be meltdown-central, but what else could you expect from a place with probably the highest concentration of toddlers at any given time?)

First Trip of 2020: Knoxville

January 7, 2020


One of my New Years goals is to travel more - whether it’s a short day trip, a long weekend, or a full blown vacation, I just want to get out and travel more often. I love visiting new & favorited/frequented places (hi FL!), especially if it involves getting to taste-test new restaurants or finding cool coffee shops.

Since Chattanooga is so centrally located to major cities like Nashville & Atlanta, those are usually in the rotation. But one place we don’t go as much is Knoxville (& that’s about to change)! Knoxville offers so much to do, but since we were just going for the day, we stuck to just a handful of things. 

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