A Day at the Don

August 4, 2018

It's no secret that my favorite destination vacation is Florida - it's basically my second home and I consider myself a bit of an honorary Floridian (is that a thing?). I have a lot of family that lives there, so I grew up spending spring breaks and summers in various Florida cities (namely Miami & Delray Beach), and for the most part, I've pretty much been allllllll over that state. One place I hadn't been was the St. Petersburg area, so we decided to take a mini-vacay and post up in St. Pete Beach for a long weekend.

I was looking forward to relaxing on the beach (well, as much relaxing as one can do with a 7 month old!), but I was also incredibly excited to check out the Don CeSar and knew it would be a stop on our list. How could I possibly resist a pink hotel?

Take Me To: The Grand Floridian

August 2, 2018

If there's one thing Disney knows how to do, it's a theme. From the south pacific vibes of the Polynesian to capturing the essence of an African wildlife reserve at Animal Kingdom Lodge, each of the resorts are themed so immersively that they transport you to another time & place. One of my favorite things to do (when I'm not going ropedrop-to-fireworks kind of hard at the parks) is explore the resorts and take in all they have to offer. For this series, I'll be collaborating with several different bloggers and Instagrammers & talking all about several of the different Disney properties. Each one offers so much to do throughout the day & into the night, and naturally, we'll be highlighting various looks for each, inspired by the resorts (because I also love a good theme)!

Our first stop in the resort hop is the Grand Floridian, covered by Lexie Brohl. Lexie runs both a YouTube channel and a blog (Breakfast at Disney! My Audrey-lovin' heart is obsessed with that!), and her look is all about melding whimsical style with soft femininity (think Cinderella meets Elle Woods). Pink is definitely the color of her soul - and for that, we're kindred spirits. She's put together a video highlighting her favorite parts of the Grand Floridian, as well as a look perfect for wandering the hotel.

Flower Gleam & Glow

July 22, 2018

While I'm really a sunshine state soul trapped in the confines of East Tennessee, I will admit that this state does have some truly natural beauty. You can't argue with the rolling hills, the sprawling mountain ranges, and the endless wildflower fields that stretch on & on. Being out in nature that awe inspiring can really, well, bring you down to earth! It's far too often I get distracted by everyday life, technology/social media, and the need to "keep up with the Joneses" if you will. Sometimes it's nice to just spend a day out in the real world (even so, still have to document it! I know, I know - kind of defeats the purpose it seems, doesn't it?)

Over the weekend the fam & I trekked out to the sunflower fields. One year ago, we were here for the first time, back when I was just a couple months into my pregnancy. This year, I decided to - of course - do a subtle Disneybound & get some cute family photos at the same time. Since we were going to a field of beautiful sunflowers, I felt Punzie was the obvious choice. Unfortunately, the heat had gotten to the sunflowers before we did, so a lot of them were, um, a bit parched to say the least - but beautiful nonetheless to see those sunflowers stretching on for miles in all directions!

Cabana, ooh-na-na

July 18, 2018

Sometimes you want to get away but can't really "get away" - you might be out of vacation time, have too many responsibilities close to home, or just can't swing that Bora Bora trip right now (or you know, like, ever.) That's where staycations come in. You get that feeling of vacation with a whole lot less commitment - and you'll probably save some green in the process (dolla dolla bills, y'all)!

Since I'm not fortunate enough to live somewhere that a staycation is the same thing as a vacation (I see you, white sand Florida beaches!), I rely on places in & around Chattanooga to give me a little bit of that R&R fix. If you're like me - where the nearest beach is just a hop, skip, & oh, a 6 hour car ride away (7-8 if you factor in rush hour downtown ATL traffic - my own personal hell), you know you can't just pack up & go on a whim. Staying local at a great hotel or bed&breakfast is the next best option!

Sugar Rush

July 14, 2018

It's no secret that homegirl loves sweets. I have zero qualms with being that person that legit eats cake for breakfast (donut sundae on the hubgrass at rope drop? Yes please!) and chases said breakfast with a grande peppermint mocha frappuccino, guilt free. Ok...tiny bit of guilt, but I ignore those voices because no one needs that kind of negativity in their life. So what better way to hail the almighty donut than with a sweet outfit post against an equally saccharine & delicious backdrop?

This particular donut mecca is 5 Daughters Bakery in Nashville, but they also have locations in Atlanta, Frnaklin, and in FL, along 30A. Not only was this place too cute to boot, but they had quite possibly the best donuts I have ever eaten (& I consider myself a bit of a sweets connoisseur). Besides being on top of their donut game, 5 Daughters also takes the cake (er...donut?) for cutest mural  - & we all know how much I love a good donut mural!

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