Castle Countdown

September 4, 2018

Big Bow Ears: Ears by Ray | Bag: Yours Truly! | Invitation Itinerary: Jasmine Victoria
Half the fun (for me) of a Disney trip is the months of planning that goes into it. My type A personality delights in typing itineraries & planning outfits. Trip planning builds anticipation and gives me something to look forward to & something to work towards. So naturally, every time I have an upcoming trip (15 days left!!!), the intense  planning must commence!

There are so many ways to get excited for a vacation: from everything to researching your destination to DIYing some magical accessories, here's my list of the top 10 11 ways to make it through that castle countdown.

A Trip Through The Hundred Acre Wood

August 28, 2018

Winnie-the-Pooh has always been ingrained in my childhood. Growing up, I had a collection of miniature books featuring all the classic Pooh characters, as well as the beloved hardcopy seen towards the end of this post. I had a Pooh plush as a kid, that I have since passed on to my own daughter, Lilly (I hope she loves him as much as I did). I had several Pooh VHS tapes, and I remember watching Welcome To Pooh Corner on Disney channel, back when they ran shows like Duck Tales & Gummi Bears. So when I heard there was a Pooh exhibit, I knew I had to check it out.

Disney In A Day

August 23, 2018

Sometimes Disney is a spur of the moment kind of thing. There have been so many times when my family & I have been in FL visiting grandparents or doing a beach vacation when we decide at the last minute to just breeze through Orlando & do Disney for a day (usually it's my idea, but my parents would never object. Disney blood runs in the fam). No planning, no advance reservations, nothing. You can totally stay on property last minute, too, and not break the bank.

If you've seen my previous posts, you know I've been flitting around Florida recently. On our last beach day, we decided to stop through Orlando & do Disney on our way out (it wasn't really on our way home, but best detour ever, right?).

Weekend Guide To: St. Pete Beach

August 20, 2018

Summer may be coming to an end, but there's really never a bad time for a beach trip. Personally, I like taking beach trips during every other season but summer. FL in July is absolutely sweltering, so I prefer to escape to the beach when it's freezing cold here in TN (but let's be honest - anything below 65 and I start to turn into a popsicle). But since July was the only time that worked out for this trip, it was either that or nothing - and I'm never one to turn down a beachy getaway!

I feel like St. Pete Beach is one of the lesser-known spots, especially if you stay in one of the neighboring beach towns like Treasure Island or Reddington. St. Pete Beach isn't swamped like Miami or Panama City, and offers a lot to do no matter who you're traveling with. This was our first family vacation (& Lilly's first beach vacation), so we knew going into it that it would be a slower paced trip. There was a lot of eating involved, which I'm totally fine with! :) So I've rounded up my list of must-do's if you're heading to the St. Petersburg area.

A Day at the Don

August 4, 2018

It's no secret that my favorite destination vacation is Florida - it's basically my second home and I consider myself a bit of an honorary Floridian (is that a thing?). I have a lot of family that lives there, so I grew up spending spring breaks and summers in various Florida cities (namely Miami & Delray Beach), and for the most part, I've pretty much been allllllll over that state. One place I hadn't been was the St. Petersburg area, so we decided to take a mini-vacay and post up in St. Pete Beach for a long weekend.

I was looking forward to relaxing on the beach (well, as much relaxing as one can do with a 7 month old!), but I was also incredibly excited to check out the Don CeSar and knew it would be a stop on our list. How could I possibly resist a pink hotel?

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