Hi! I'm Michelle, but everyone just calls me Shell. I started Cake After Midnight as a creative outlet to express my style, share my love of Disney, and to document my life in general. After years of being very out of practice in the webdesign world, I decided it was time to jump back on the scene & reconnect with something I used to be so passionate about. I ran my own domain back in 2003, but lost touch over the years as college (at the time) took over, followed by the workforce after graduation, and then - most recently - motherhood! I’ve seen so many lovely blogs over the years, I wanted a corner of the blogosphere that I could call my own and use as a platform for my thoughts, ideas, inspiration, & fashion. And thus, Cake After Midnight was born.

So what is Cake After Midnight? It’s a place for all things girly, essentially. Cake After Midnight girls make their own rules (& probably break some along the way). We have adventures. We have dreams. We sip champagne in the bathtub, wear vintage prom dresses just because, and believe that there is never a bad time for a cupcake or two. Cake After Midnight girls are confident and inspire others around them to love themselves for who they are, with a style that is wholly their own. So let them eat cake!

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