Chattalocal: High Rail at the Chattanoogan

February 26, 2021


I am usually the go-to girl in our friend group who seems to be "in the know" of when new places open up (probably because I'm constantly sifting through Instagram geotags!) so when new bars, restaurants or shops pop up, I'm typically the one to fire off a group text. Just think of me as a less cool version of Bill Hader's SNL character Stefon ("Chattanooga's hottest new club is....."). Except in this case, it's not a club (are those even a thing anymore?), it's a rooftop restaurant & lounge, and goodness knows Chattanooga needs more of those! For a city legit known as the "Scenic City," the restaurant & bar scene around here sure isn't capitalizing on that fact, but we're making some strides.

The newest rooftop bar to join the ranks of its predecessors, Whiskey Thief & Paloma (formerly Alchemy), is High Rail, located in the sprawling Chattanoogan hotel. It's actually been open for a few months now, but trying to organize a girls night in the current climate has proven difficult, so here we are months later. But hey, we finally made it! Trying to navigate the endless corridors of the Chattanoogan to even get to the rootop was a little tricky, and we may or may not have gotten lost (then again, my sense of direction was never very good). But once we found it, we were in heaven.

High Rail features a large outdoor patio, complete with huge bed-chairs (I'm really not sure what to call these?), ample seating, fire pits, and ambient lighting, all with a gorgeous view of the mountain off in the distance. We happened to hit it right at golden hour too!

It was pretty chilly the evening we were there, but if you're visiting in the winter months & don't want to brave the cold, there's a seating area & full bar inside, too (complete with a really cool open air kitchen). If you do feel like sitting outside (really, this whole patio is a mood), then snag one of the fire pit seats. It was a treat to cozy up to the fire with a drink & a plate of melted cheese (keep reading). Give me an outdoor space, a cocktail & some good food (especially cheese) and I'm pretty much set for several hours.

So if the ambiance doesn't grab you, the menu will. We actually had a difficult time trying to decide what to order, but settled on the pimento cheese appetizer at the recommendation of our awesome server. It was really delicious, and I think that plate of cheese & I definitely shared a moment. For my cocktail, I ordered the elderflower spritz, which came served in a champagne flute and made me feel fancy AF (here for it)! There's also a cocktail called the "Pooh Bear" which I am 100% ordering next time. We were just on the hunt for cocktails & apps, so we didn't sample any of the entrees or desserts (I know, I know. No dessert!? My blog literally has cake in the name). That just means this place is going into the local rotation of restaurants.

They also offer brunch (insert audible gasp here) and you already know how I feel about that. One can never have enough solid brunch spots, so I'm sure that will be a review in the future. We really enjoyed spending some time here, and the atmosphere is just so relaxed, it's kind of easy to lose track of time (especially coupled with cocktails). I can't wait until spring is here, because you will absolutely find me posted up with some of their beignets and a mimosa.

Clearly, they knew what they were doing with the decor & the menu because High Rail is basically an instagrammer's dream. My iphone photos (couple with the dim lighting) don't do the fare justice, so be sure to check out the mouth watering images on their official IG page. Then once your cravings have been kicked into high gear, high tail it over to High Rail (how many times can I use high in a sentence?)

And if you need a friend to split the pimento dip with, call me. We'll do brunch.

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