End 2020 with Resilience

December 30, 2020

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We all know how much of a dumpster fire this year has been, but even through all the chaos, 2020 has been pivotal. I’ve heard so many others echoing that sentiment as well. This year was a catalyst for change and personal growth, and that’s something truly miraculous that has come out of 2020. Yes, quarantine was terrible. But you know what isn’t? Spending more time with family (or on yourself, for those of us who are separated from family and haven’t seen them for over a year now – hey oooooh); focusing on “the little things”; gratitude – for every aspect of your life. 

We all get to a point around this time of year where we gear up for the following and vow to do better, be better, follow through with goals & promises. Then, inevitably, around the 2-week mark (or 1 month mark for those of you with more willpower), those resolutions tend to lose a bit of their luster, we lose steam, and ultimately fall back into bad habits. I know this because I absolutely was one of those people. But 2020 has changed me, and I’m holding myself accountable by actually putting this down in writing. I’ve never really “published” my New Year’s resolutions, mostly to save myself from the eventual embarrassment & shame around my feeble attempt to “eat healthier” for a few weeks by cutting out Chick-Fil-A french fries and maybe hitting the gym here & there. I think that by actually putting this out into the world and “speaking it into being” (or typing it, rather), holds more weight; there’s power in words.

That being said, even before making any sort of New Year’s resolution, it’s important to make some end of the year resolutions. You can’t go into a shiny brand new year if you’ve still got little fires blazing at the end of the old one. You really don’t want to leave 2020 hanging like that meme of the dog in the burning office, saying “It’s fine. This is fine” (but man, if ever there were a meme to perfectly encapsulate 2020, that is most definitely it).

End of the year resolutions are basically just all the little loose ends that need some extra love. They aren’t monumental tasks like “lose weight,” “become a vegan,” or “write a novel.” No, those kinds of things take time and a hell of a lot of lifestyle changes. End of the year resolutions are more like the preparation part that comes before putting those kinds of goals into play. You want to get your life in order at the end of the year to put yourself in the best possible place to make those goals & dreams a reality in the new year. They are the little tasks you can start doing now to set yourself up for successful habits in the future.

Want to declutter your life and cut out toxic behavior, people or things? Start small by decluttering your personal space: be that person that makes their bed every morning or actually puts their clean laundry away after they take it out of the dryer rather than letting it sit in the basket for an additional week (been there. Still kinda there, actually). Trying to cut down on caffeine? Be that person that skips the second cup & opts for a tea instead. Do you wish desperately you could wake up feeling something other than exhaustion every morning? Baby-step it and make some small changes to your nightly routine (compounded over time, this will have a huge impact & you can 1,000% become a morning person. Also: check out this post here if you’re interested in that)! The point is that by making little minute changes now and following through with the little things, you put yourself in a much better place to achieve all of those big things that are yet to come!

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That being said, I’ve put together 2 little worksheets if you want to “manifest that shit” and really make this year count. Like I said before, seeing your goals written down really does change things (also: the universe is always listening, and pro-tip…writing things down is a bit of a fast-track to making things happen). Even if you’re reading this in March but want to drastically change things about your life, this still applies. You have to walk before you can run.

So what are your end of the year resolutions? List 5 little things you can start doing today to set yourself up for success! If you’re having trouble thinking up mini-goals, work backwards. Start with the 5 goals or dreams (the “biggies”) you want to achieve in 2021, and then list out small things you can do to lead up to those or to change behaviors for the better that will help you reach those goals.

As for my actual resolutions, well, I feel like I’ve been putting some of those things into play since September when anxiety hit me like a speeding freight train, on fire, carrying 500 tons of explosives. Since then, I’ve been trying to regain control of my health (physical & mental) and have put so many lifestyle changes into play, but I have backslid, just like anyone is susceptible to doing; I’m human. But I give myself grace, refocus my vision, and keep going.

My goals for 2021 are:

1. Do/try something new once a month

2. Stick to (& improve upon) my healthy lifestyle (5:15am wakeups, morning meditation & yoga routine, hit the gym 3x a week, cut out unhealthy food)

3. Revamp my look (I haven’t cut my hair in a year)

4. Take a solo trip

5. Read (at least) one book a month

I feel like this year is going to be different. It’s hard to explain, but it’s just a feeling that it’s going to be a great year. I’m not so na├»ve to think that it’s going to be all sunshine & rainbows, because if there’s anything I’ve learned this year, it’s that you can’t have the light without the dark (& “in the deep end is where we grow”). I like to think of 2020 as the caterpillar stage – we all to had to move inward (physically – ugh, quarantine memories) and look inward (mentally), and we’ve been in this little chrysalis, taking it all in, processing it, and trying to figure out what the hell to do from here. But if 2020 was the caterpillar, 2021 is the butterfly, and boy am I ready to spread my wings!

See you all next year!

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