Good Morning, Sunshine: 3 Quick On-the-Go Breakfasts

November 16, 2020


I've never been a huge breakfast person. Usually my mornings were fueled by last minute coffee haphazardly poured into a to-go mug and maybe a quick granola bar. But lately, I've been discovering my love of a good, healthy breakfast, filled with nutritious energy that will last throughout my morning. However, I'm still an on-the-go working mom, often with just 5 or 10 minutes to throw something together before I have to head out the door with my little one in tow for daycare.

So I decided to share my 3 go-to quick breakfasts that I keep coming back to again & again! These are easy ideas you can completely customize to your own palette & whatever ingredients you might have on hand. The best part is all of these options take less than 5 minutes to throw together!

Simple things in your pantry like peanut/almond butter, nuts & seeds, and some fresh fruit from the fridge can really come together for something delicious & quick that will give you lasting energy instead of the crash-and-burn that sugary cereals or overly processed frozen breakfast treats offer. I usually pick one of these 3 options each morning, but if you're really hungry, or just finished an intense workout (go you!), you could even do all 3.

1. Yogurt & granola

This one is simple & classic but there are so many variations to tailor it to your tastebuds. I start with vanilla greek yogurt and then the party starts from there with what I mix into it. I love coconut granola (check your Aldi's!), layer in some blueberries, drizzle over a little bit of honey, and then sprinkle chia seeds on top. This combo keeps me going all morning long and holds me over until lunchtime.

Try some of these great combos:

  • Blueberries, coconut granola, chia seeds + honey drizzle
  • Bananas, melted peanut butter & honey drizzle + pecans
  • Strawberries, vanilla granola, + melted nutella drizzle (a little bit goes a long way!)
  • Chopped apple slices, honey + cinnamon

2. Toast

Toast is another easy and incredibly versatile breakfast option. Take your favorite type of bread and make a combo that will fill you up in the morning with some goodness! Obviously avocado toast is a staple, but there are so many other combos to try. I like pairing different types of nut butters with seeds or fruit.

  • Pumpkin pie almond butter + pumpkin seeds (the flavored nut butters are available at the Chattanooga Market & I used sourdough from The Bread Basket.)
  • Whole wheat, blackberry preserves + honey
  • Nutella, strawberries + blueberries
  • Apple butter + cinnamon
  • Peanut butter, bananas, + mini chocolate chips
  • Goat cheese, chia seeds, honey + raspberries

3. Apples & cinnamon

Apples are a staple for me as a quick snack or breakfast. They're filling and so good for you! You can dress them up with some fancy dippin' sauces or add pieces of cheese with each apple slice, or keep it simple with just cut up apple slices. My quick breakfast is usually just apple slices, drizzled with honey & then sprinkled with cinnamon!

If I'm going simple on the breakfast, I'll pair it with a big cup of chai tea. I use Chei-Man Tea (available from the market) and almond milk!

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