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October 25, 2020

Today we're doing something a little bit different here on Cake After Midnight and I've got a great guest post comin' at ya from my beautiful & lovely friend Emma Johnson of Emma J. Agency. So let's dive in!

Answer me this: When you look in the mirror, how do you see yourself? 

This is not a topic of vanity. 

Research suggests that how we think affects how we feel. This may not be news to you, but do you actually apply this to yourself? It also suggests that having negative thoughts about ourselves can cause us physical and mental harm. 

For as long as I can remember, it seems there’s been a norm in our society that flirts with a negative mindset. A norm of always wanting the things we don’t have. 

How often do you look in the mirror only to focus on and critique the physical things you want to improve? Can you imagine if your reflection was an actual person critiquing your physical appearance as much as you do?! Yikes! It’s no wonder the saying rings true that “we are our own worst critics.” 

Entertain this for a minute….. What if things were different, like, totally reversed. Wouldn’t it feel so good to actually be completely satisfied with everything you have right now?? 

Since we are spending more time staying home these days, we may not make the same effort with our appearance as we used to. This also means our reflection enemy may be there at every turn. Let’s turn our reflection into our best friend, shall we?

Here are a few tips on how to boost your confidence, your psyche, and to start feeling your most beautiful self. 

Daily Practices That Will Make You Feel More Beautiful

Try out a minimalist makeup look. Take advantage of staying in during this time. Enhance your natural beauty instead of covering it up. Toss the full coverage foundation and apply a non-toxic powder. Ditch the liners and eyeshadows and apply mascara only to the top lashes. Lightly tap some blush on the apple of your cheeks. For a little color add a few brushstrokes of bronzing powder. Apply a clear or tinted chapstick or lip gloss. Voila! No more altered face structure from contouring or winged liners, just your natural beauty a little enhanced. If you already have a daily minimalist makeup look then try only using a little highlighter on your cheekbones, a little foundation powder under the eyes (if you have darker under eyes), a little mascara on the top lashes, a couple dabs of blush, and some chapstick. No more hiding underneath makeup! 

Look in the mirror and smile at yourself. Give yourself a whole-hearted smile, not one of those fake ones. Smiling triggers our “mirror neurons”, and tricks our brain into releasing happy hormones. It can also bring us back to center and reduce anxiety. Not only is this a practice of being kind to ourselves, but it’s an endearing act. When you see a smile, you can’t help but return the gesture. 

Start the day by giving yourself a compliment. After you smile at yourself in the mirror, hold the gaze, and compliment yourself out loud. Doing this daily is how we turn our reflection enemy into our best friend. It’s also how we start appreciating what we have instead of what we think we are lacking. What if every time you looked in the mirror your reflection said, “DAMN, you are looking good and I am SO proud of your body!” Pretty sure you’d walk away from the mirror with a smile on your face and a little more confidence. 

Give yourself a hug. This goes hand in hand with smiling at yourself. Hugs may be far and few between right now. They are a great way to practice self-love, as hugs release oxytocin. This is known as the “love hormone.” Loving yourself is one of the first steps in feeling beautiful. One simply doesn’t exist without the other. 

Take 10 to 15 minutes each day to stretch or try some yoga. Stretching activates your parasympathetic nervous system. This can do your body a whole lot of good in many ways. It’s also thought that stretching releases endorphins that help to boost your mood. You may find that being in a good mood creates a glowy appearance. Some say that when you’re feeling happy, your skin’s natural repair and renewal process increases! 

Write in a gratitude journal. Expressing gratitude is also a great mood-booster. This is also a way to reduce the feeling of wanting what we don’t have. Write down three things you’re grateful for daily and you will open the door to a whole new mindset. No more complaining about the things you don’t have, and a brand new appreciation for everything you do. 

Create A Contagious Glow 

It’s common for people to strive for baby-like skin to feel beautiful. Do you know what else is common? Fun fact - studies have proven that babies prefer to look at attractive faces. Crazy, right? Okay, so the baby doesn’t actually know if a face is “attractive” or not. But there are qualities about our faces that can make them more appealing to look at. One quality being bright, even-toned, and glowy skin. Depending on your budget, there are many ways to achieve this. Botox, fillers, VI peels, and HydraFacials are a few of the more expensive ones. Use non-toxic, brightening skincare and a fabulous highlighter in your makeup routine. Or, incorporate more mood-boosting practices that increase the production of glowing skin. I recommend this one no matter what. Plus, it’s free! Now, the next time you find a baby staring at you, it’s sure to make you feel more beautiful. ;)

Treat yourself to a spa day! If going to a spa isn’t doable, creating an at-home spa-day can be just as luxurious! Light some candles, turn on relaxing music and make a steamy bath with Epsom Salt or a non-toxic bath bomb. Have a chilled glass of water close by to keep you hydrated. After your bath, slip on a robe and apply a brightening face mask, a hair mask, and teeth whitening strips. Practice meditating to the music while you wait. Put a hold on the whitening strips if you prefer to sip wine and munch on dark chocolate while you wait. All things to help brighten your skin and your mood. 

Channel Your Most Confident Self

Research has found there is a direct connection between beauty and confidence.


It’s no secret that confident people are more charming. So, feeling beautiful actually revolves around how confident we are. 

Music is a powerful tool that can help us in many ways. Most prominently, music can help us by boosting our mood. There’s nothing like finding songs that send those good chills down your spine. 

Lots of people correlate music to their autobiographical memories. It’s incredible listening to a song that triggers memories you completely forgot you had. Think back to a time in your life when you felt your confidence was at its highest. Make a playlist of your favorite songs from that time. Listen to this playlist to channel that inner confidence when you’re feeling down and need a boost. This is a sure way to lift your self-confidence. 

No more wasting time with negative self talk. Your life is precious and your body is amazing!

It’s time to embrace your natural beauty. It’s time to love yourself more. It’s time to build back your confidence!  

It’s time. 

Feel more beautiful - because you are.  

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