Lavender Fields Forever: An Evening at Lookout Lavender Farm

June 19, 2020

You know those stunning wanderlust photos on Instagram of girls in white dresses, looking wistfully off into the distance in the middle of a lavender field that goes on for miles & miles? I've always wanted to experience that. Well, majority of those are in Provence, France, and unfortunately, a luxurious trip to France just isn't in the cards for me anytime soon (I can only imagine the insanity that would ensue on a transcontinental flight with my two year old. Hard pass).

Lucky for me, I stumbled upon a little farm just outside of Chattanooga where I could live out my travel bug dreams & experience a little taste of the lavender fields for myself.

This stunning 55 acre farm is Lookout Lavender Farm, located at 1039 N Moore Road in Rising Fawn, GA. During the summer months, they open for "U-Pick" events. These range from lavender picking in June to blueberry picking in July. You can find their full list of events here on their site.

It costs $5 per adult to enter (kids under 12 are free) and $7 per bundle of lavender that you pick. They also have a cute little storefront on the property where you can purchase handmade goodies made with the fresh lavender (think bath salts, essential oils, and lotions).

We seriously lucked out with the weather on the evening we arrived. The temperature was perfect - unseasonably cool for June in Tennessee, and not much humidity at all. The event that evening ran from 5-8pm, and we arrived just around 6:45 in hopes of staying long enough to catch some of the golden hour sunset lighting.

There were a fair amount of people when we showed up, but the farm is pretty spread out so we were easily able to social distance ourselves (so no masks needed! That would have put a damper on the photos & vibe for sure, hah!). The farm is gorgeous, and I'm sure you can only imagine how wonderful it smelled. Everywhere you turned, the scent of lavender rose in the air. I can smell it now, just thinking about it!

The way it works is you are given a pair of scissors (or you can bring your own), and you go up & down the rows, picking which lavender stems you want. Then you just cut right at the base of the stem and keep picking until you gather enough for a bundle, which is about the diameter of one of the holes in the scissor handle.

They also had several benches spread out along the property, and even this cute little pink bistro set (which I seriously need in my house. I can absolutely envision myself having a morning coffee & croissant here, just pretending I'm in Provence)! So clearly, they knew people weren't coming for just the lavender and the experience (gotta get that photo op)!

I had such a great time, just wandering up & down the rows, taking my time to gather my lavender bundle, and snapping photos of Lilly, while my husband was an excellent sport and got some great shots. It all felt very Anne with an E, and I was 100% into it.

For my outfit, I wanted something that would stand out against the natural colors of my surroundings, and I didn't want anything with loud, busy prints that would detract from the natural beauty of the farm, so I went with this off the shoulder white maxi that's been hanging in my closet for forever. I have short people problems, so to keep from tripping over my hem, I knotted the front of the dress since it was slit up both sides, and did a little sneaky trick to keep the back hem from catching on my sandals by belting the waist, and then pulling up the dress to roll it over the belt to "shorten" it. Then I just added some boho jewelry and a wide brim straw hat (because it's not a real lavender fields kind of picture until someone dons a straw hat)!

The experience was truly one of a kind and I highly recommend it to anyone visiting Chattanooga (or Rising Fawn) during the summer months when the U-Pick events are happening. We stayed until 8 because we got chatting with the beekeeper, Bella, who was telling us all about the sustainable beekeeping they're doing on the farm and how the hives work with the different queen honeybees. We saw several bees buzzing around, so don't be alarmed if you see them zipping from stem to stem (I tried to get a good photo of them, but they were flitting too fast for my iPhone to capture a good picture).

At checkout, I picked up a tube of lavender bath salt fizzies (about $9), but was very tempted with some of the other items they had for sale, particularly the lavender dispenser bottles. The items range in price from $5 - $20 for reference. They also will give you a rubberband to tie your lavender stems together and tell you about how to care for your lavender, which just consists of hanging it upside down to dry out (usually for about 2-4 weeks).

Since we were there until closing, we caught some really nice lighting on our way out! I couldn't resist snapping a couple with the open field in the background.

Be sure to check out Lookout Lavender Farm for any events going on (their last U-Pick for lavender is Saturday, June 20th from 11am to 4pm). It's a great way to spend an afternoon or evening, and is definitely an experience for the whole family (or your girl squad)! I can't wait until blueberry picking season is here... :)

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