Staying Sane in Quarantine

April 13, 2020

It's been a minute since I last posted. You'd think with all this quarantining and being stuck at home it would be just the opposite and I should be killing it right now at the blogging game, but I'm trying to work from home and at the same time care for my 2 year old & attempt to keep her entertained (Disney+ has become our version of Mary Poppins: it makes for a great nanny when I'm busy with work - more on this later)!

These days we're all stuck inside a lot more than we'd like, but it doesn't have to be all doom & gloom! I wanted to throw a quick post together to share some of the things I've been doing here at home to stay sane during these uncertain & unprecedented times, and offer up a list of some things you guys could try too!

1. Get some air
Recently our city made the call to move to a shelter-in-place mandate, but up until then, we were still making trips to the lake or going for walks in the woods and short hikes. We chose locations and times that we knew would not have a lot of people out and always maintained a very safe distance. However, since most of those public outdoor spaces are now "closed" our outdoor time looks a little different and comes more in the form of our back deck, front yard, or walks around the neighborhood. I 100% recommend getting as much fresh air as possible to stay sane right now. When I feel my anxiety creeping in, I time out, grab my picnic blanket, and set up camp on our back deck. Just feeling the sun on my face and breathing the fresh air brings me back to center. Here's a quick list of outdoor activities you could easily do if you need a breather (literally):

  • outdoor yoga (early morning or sunset yoga is a favorite)
  • walk or run around your neighborhood
  • go for a bikeride
  • draw with chalk
  • bubbles!
  • pooltime (a small inflatable pool is just as good)
  • picnics
  • outdoor movie (you can use a projector if you have one - or just bring your laptop outside!)
  • firepit + s'mores
  • camp in your backyard
  • comfy blanket or chair & a good book (or audible)
  • alfresco dining: brunch in your backyard or romantic dinner on the deck (no date? no problem! #selfcare #treatyoself)
  • yard work or gardening

2. Experiment with coffee
Coffee has always had a prominent place in my life. I drink a cup every morning to jump start my day as I hop online to work from home and like to have a second cup in the early afternoon. With so many of my favorite local coffee shops now either closed or only doing drive-thru or delivery, I can't always get my coffee fix when I need it (plus we're trying to limit our trips into the outside world to help flatten the curve anyway). So I've had some fun getting creative with coffee. I'll look up copycat Starbucks recipes and try to re-create them at home. My favorite so far has been the iced honey cinnamon latte, which is SO easy:

  • Keurig coffee (I put it on the strongest setting so it doesn't get watered down since we'll be adding ice)
  • Half + half (or you could use a splash of vanilla creamer as well if you want a bit of flavor)
  • 1/2 tbsp of honey
  • 2-3 dashes of cinnamon
  • Lots of ice

3. Keep a routine
Having some semblence of a normal routine can do wonders for your mental health. By getting up in the mornings (like before 10 AM, guys - looking at you people without kids LOL), getting dressed, and sitting down to work if you have to WFH (or starting on chores & other tasks for the day if you don't), it gives your day structure so you're not just wandering aimlessly around the house from the fridge to couch & then back to bed. It also makes the day go by a lot faster!

4. Get back into your hobbies (notice there's snacks & coffee involved in mine, ha!)
Whatever this means to you, do more of that. I have always loved reading, but I rarely have the time. And while I still really don't have a lot of that hot commodity right now despite not being able to do anything outside of the home, I'm still trying to squeeze in more reading (hot tip for all you other worker bees out there: audible is awesome! I can finish a book in just a few days time).

5. (Online) Retail therapy
I'm one of those people that is constantly buying things - not necessarily big purchases, but often pre-corona, we went to TJ Maxx and Marshalls pretty much every weekend and I would pick up little trinkets here & there (mugs, notebooks, makeup, etc.). Buying things has always brought me joy - especially if said things are Disney or Lilly Pulitzer related. Since I can't aimlessly wander the aisles of Target for hours on end or hunt for hidden treasures at TJ Maxx, I've taken to surfing the web for deals. There's a ton of great sales going on right now, and if you have the means to (& only if you have the means - please don't spend your rent or grocery money on unnecessary items!), a little retail therapy now & then can be a great source of joy & stress relief.

6. Help out any way you can
Recently, I've pivoted my skills from making mouse ears & other Disney-related things to face masks. I love that I'm able to put my skills to good use and I can still have some fun with it (obviously I'm making masks with Disney fabric)! While mask-making does eat up a lot of my time because I have to sew at night, after my 9-5 office work is done & Lilly is asleep, it's something that makes me feel good, and I enjoy doing it. If you don't know how to or don't want to sew, there are plenty of other ways you can give back & help out, and it can be as simple as ordering take-out from your favorite local restaurant (plus silver lining: to-go cocktails are a thing now)!

Hope that you all are staying safe & (somewhat) sane! Remember: this too shall pass!

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