Good Hair Days: R+Co Product Review

March 2, 2020

Ever since I had my daughter, I feel like my hair has taken a turn for the worse. I suffered some postpartum hair loss and when that finally subsided, I was left with some seriously strange texture to my hair. It felt so different, tangled easily, and trying to run a comb through it was like brushing with a cactus. I pulled so hard one night that the handle of my brush literally broke, and that scene from Princess Diaries started playing in a loop in my head ("You broke my glasses!" "You broke my brush.")

My hair has finally returned to somewhat normal status, but now more than ever, I am always on the lookout for great hair products to help manage my new mane. I am so glad I discovered R+Co hair products because they are truly outstanding! All of their products are cruelty-free and created without parabens, sulfates, or any of that other yucky stuff you just don't want in your hair products. One thing that instantly caught my eye when I was browsing their product line was how they "theme" each product. "R+Co is about an experience," so all of their packaging & fragrances are designed to "enhance that experience and evoke a feeling, place, style or attitude." So I took this idea & ran with it. 

They sent me a few products to test out, and I loved them so much that I just had to put together a whole post about them. When I find great products that I truly love & believe in, I just have to share with y'all. But full disclaimer here, while I was gifted these products, I was under no obligation to do an entire post about them (& all thoughts & opinions are my own). I just love them that much. So here we go!

The first product I tried was the Two-Way Mirror Smoothing Oil. This is honestly a holy grail product for me now, and I will most definitely be getting another bottle (or 5) once I run out. The smoothing oil does exactly what it says: it makes your hair shiny & silky, while taming flyaways & frizz. 

I have super thick hair, and if I don't take the time to properly blow dry it (so...never?), it becomes one massive fried, frizz ball (continuing with the Princess Diaries references here, think Mia Thermopolis...pre-princess. Now do you understand how I broke a brush?). Luckily, this product can take my hair from looking like I was freshly electrocuted to blow dry bar status in no time. I just do a few pumps into my hand and run it through my hair after I've blow dried (or you can do it still damp), and then a comb slides like butter through my hair.

The second product I tried was Moon Landing, which is an anti-humidity spray. This product's main purpose is to repel moisture & also tame frizz - bonus (!!). I am a Flordia girl (at heart, at least), and was most definitely a mermaid in a past life, so the beach is essentially embedded in my DNA. I go to Florida a handful of times a year and Disney World is my second home, so I know a thing or two about battling humidity and frizz (those Florida summers at the park do a number on my bangs). Even here in Tennessee, we have some pretty terrible humidity in the summers. It makes my hair curl up something fierce (& not in a good way), and much like Karen Smith, my hair can tell when it's about to rain (that was a Mean Girls reference, for all you youngins).

To test this product's claims, I waited for a rainy day (not too difficult here in TN, lately). I sprayed this all over my hair in the morning and walked from the parking lot to the front door of my work without an umbrella. It was that misty gross kind of rain, the kind that really gets deeply embedded in every strand of your hair & can make your bangs curl up in the worst way in mere seconds. But true to its claims, my hair was unaffected - my bangs didn't curl up, my hair didn't get wavy, and there was zero frizz! Total. Miracle. Product. For all my fellow Disney park fans out there, do yourself a favor & get the Moon Landing travel size and throw this in your park bag! It's an instant essential for me now for park days & beach trips.

I was so inspired by the packaging of this product & the whole idea of R+Co as an "experience" that I just went all out with the space theme (& leave it to me to find a matching wall)! I attempted some cute space buns with my hair, but they came out a little too Princess Leia for my taste, so a classic ponytail it is! I found the fun jacket on Amazon and thought it was perfect for this look (MTV Moon Man...or tinfoil girl? You decide). It also comes in pink & blue and I almost went full on Zenon with this look, but unfortunately at the time, blue was sold out. Lucky you, it's back in stock (at least at the time of this post), so if you feel like channeling your inner girl of the 21st century, go for it.

The final product I tried was Balloon, a dry volume spray (seriously, how cute are the themes of these products). This product claims to add volume & texture while wrapping it up with a pretty finish & a strong hold. I am a collector of hairspray and blow through them pretty quickly, so I was excited to test out a new brand. Some hairsprays leave your hair feeling sticky or crunchy and others can make your hair look like...well, like you clearly used an entire bottle of hairspray on your head. The true test of a great hairspray is long lasting hold, while not sacrificing on touchable texture because no one wants their hair to feel like strips of crispy bacon (but smelling like bacon on the other hand....).

My signature hairstyle is a side-do with a 60s pomp, so there's a lot of teasing & product that goes into that. Like I mentioned before, my hair is pretty thick, so to get it to poof up to my optimal level (maybe like a level 5 from 1 to Snooki) and then stay that way all day, I need a good hairspray. This one did the trick! It smells lovely, and definitely helped to hold my hair's shape & texture and also kept it looking like actual hair instead of crunchy, separated strands.

I was inspired by the bottle's bright colors for this look, and obviously had to have balloons. I love any sort of outfit that incorporates bold colors and fun patterns, so I went full rainbow for this one. In keeping with the 60s style hair, I wore my favorite vintage 60s wrap skirt (this skirt forever gives me Disneyland sign vibes).

Overall, I was really impressed with this brand. I'm not one to spend a ton of money on hair & beauty products, because honestly, I've found that some of the cheap drugstore stuff or no-name brands you find at places like TJ Maxx & Marshalls can be just as good or better than the full price, bougie, high-end products. However, after testing several of the R+Co products, I can safely & honestly say that this is one brand I will shell out some extra money for. 

While some of the full size products can run on the pricey side ($87 for a Costco-sized bottle of shampoo), I would say 90% of the products are affordable and run anywhere from $14 - $35. My best tip, especially if you are just trying out the brand, is to buy the travel sizes! This will allow you to test out a few products for less money, without committing to a full size of something you may not end up loving. Then once you're hooked (like me), you can go back for seconds in the larger size.

Trust me...your hair will thank you later!

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