Brunch Like A Local: Ruby Sunshine Restaurant Review

March 4, 2020

You know that sinking, defeated feeling you get when you slink into a fast-food breakfast joint at 10:35 AM, only to be greeted by a smug-looking cashier who says (in the most condescending way possible), “Sorry. We just stopped serving breakfast” (yet you can clearly see a stack of chicken biscuits basking in the warm glow of the heat lamps behind her)? OK, thanks for nothing, KAREN.

This is why all-day brunch joints are my new best friend. What’s not to love about stuffing your face with (stuffed) French toast at 1:30 on a lazy Sunday afternoon, while gossiping over grits with your besties? Lucky for me, Ruby Sunshine just opened up here in Chattanooga, and I am 110% here for it! (Because Karen isn’t going to dictate what time I can eat pancakes, thankyouverymuch).
In case you haven’t heard, Ruby Sunshine is a restaurant out of New Orleans (so you know they’re bringing the flavor!) & definitely puts a fun NOLA twist on some southern classics so you can get your brunchy-brunch on with the best of ‘em! My bestie Sarah & I checked out this cute little spot in downtown Chatt (on the corner of 4th & Market) on Sunday & quite honestly, my tastebuds were a little (a lot) blown away.

First off, I love the ambiance of this place: bright red walls, the most festive music blaring on the patio, and their logo is a red high heel! The name just instantly makes me think of Dorothy & her ruby slippers. For a hot second, I thought about doing a cute Wizard of Oz getup, blue gingham dress & all, but..well, it was barely 50 degrees out, so I went with the safe bet of wearing pants instead. I still kept my outfit themed (as this is kind of my thing #onbrand) & stuck with the whole breakfast mood, with a Brunch Club tee, bacon + eggs tote, and the crowning jewel, avocado earrings (because if you’ll notice one thing about me, it’s that I have a penchant for fun statement earrings).

We kicked off brunch with coffee because it was 1:30pm & I hadn’t had any yet (honestly I don’t even know how my body made it this far into the afternoon without it). Ruby Sunshine makes a pretty mean cuppa joe, but their specialty coffees are what have my heart (& now own my soul. Totally addicted to this stuff). Get it hot, iced, or covered in delicious whipped cream, cinnamon & spices - or if you’re us, get all 3! We ordered the vanilla spice latte & I basically had an out of body experience drinking this thing. Solid choice.

Next, we moved onto the main course. Ruby Sunshine categorizes their menu into savory + sweet, so I can zero in on whatever will offer me the most amount of sugar at once. Their entire “Sweet Spot” section of the menu was just made for the little 6 year old version of myself that lives on forever. I wanted the full Ruby experience here, so I went with one of their famous specialty dishes, the Bananas Foster French toast: NOLA style French bread, covered & smothered with rum bananas, raisins, & caramel.

Y’all. This wasn't just a few slices of your mama's Wonderbread slapped with banana. This was like an entire baguette took a luxurious bath in buttery caramel sauce & then anointed itself with boozy banana & raisin jewels. Ok, I was clearly seeing stars at this point (maybe it was the rum), but if your breakfast dish was serenading you with a siren song as sweet as this, you would be too (Don’t @ me, Karen. You can keep your lukewarm breakfast sandwiches).

Sarah wanted to make me feel really terrible about my caloric intake (kidding! I still love you Sarah) & ordered the salmon + avocado toast. Full disclosure here in the name of honesty: I didn’t try this. I deeply & truly love avocado toast (I’m a millennial. It’s in my blood), but I’m just not on board with salmon on it. Salmon by itself? Maybe (but only if it’s covered in the garlic butter from Costco). Salmon on my otherwise pristine avo toast? Nah, fam. BUT, in all fairness, Sarah really loved it & definitely cleaned her plate. She said it was really fresh & good, so if you’re a seafood person, go for it. With colors this vibrant, you know this is one protein-packed healthy dish that will give you the energy you need for downing the 3 mimosas you plan to order next.

After finishing up brunch, we did what we do best: ordered more coffee (seriously y’all I have a problem. Then again, we may or may not have done it for the gram. How cute are these cups?).

The creamy vanilla iced coffee is a delicious pick-me-up or a nice bit of dessert to an otherwise already sweet meal (no such thing as too much sugar). There’s also a boozy Irish cream version & that’s on my to-do list next!

Ruby Sunshine really has something for everyone though, from classic staples like eggs benny & pancakes as big as your face to creative dishes like the Costa Rican: black beans & rice, eggs, chorizo, crispy plantains & avocado (is your mouth watering yet?). As we were wrapping up, we also saw some giant cat head biscuits that came out to the table next to ours. I totally missed the memo on that one, but I will be taste testing those on my next trip.

I love that Chattanooga is home to so many great restaurants (cause ya girl loves to eat), so I’m excited to put Ruby Sunshine in my full rotation! Do yourself a flavor & check it out (don’t even yolk about skipping this place). Ok, enough with the puns...

...but really. It’s eggcelent & I enjoyed it a waffle lot. Ok. I’m done... may think you know brunch, but you ain’t seen muffin yet. (Last one I swear!)

Thanks so much to the Ruby Sunshine team for having us!

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