Chattalocal: Pre-Valentines Breakfast Date at Syrup & Eggs

February 6, 2020

I'm one of those people that procrastinates, hard. I plan vacations on the fly (like 3-days-before-we're-supposed-to-leave-oh-shit-what-are-we-doing-with-the-dogs kind of fly), I buy birthday cards weeks in advance but then put off mailing them until the day before (sorry, Dad!), and I may or may not have speed-read The Iliad and then wrote an entire essay on it all in one night for a college history project due the next day (the pinnacle of my procrastination career). So when it comes to Valentines day, I'm that person that waits until the last minute to think up something DIY-ish & cute, but ends up frantically calling every restaurant in town trying to get last minute reservations when my Pinterest idea goes up in flames (literally. I told y'all I can't cook).

So this year on the actual 14th, I'll probably be staying in with the hubs (ordering takeout & watching SNL reruns), since we've got a toddler with a 7:30 bedtime and babysitters are a rarity these days (especially this year, with Valentines being on a Friday! If you hadn't booked a sitter 3-4 months in advance by now, you're not going anywhere, honey). But who says you even have to celebrate Valentines on Valentines? And why does it always have to be a fancy dinner? It's fun to do the whole dinner & a movie thing for date night & wear something other than fleece PJs once, maybe twice a year, but when you procrastinate so much that you never even book a sitter in the first place, you just take the fam to breakfast instead - because hey moms, you're up at 6:30 on a Sunday anyway, so why the hell not?

So since this was a Valentinesy-esque date, obviously I dressed for the theme. I plucked the one Valentines-print top I had from my closet, threw it over my favorite jeans, and added in some fun hot pink earrings (because #statementearrings or it's not me).

For our Sunday date, we headed over to Syrup & Eggs, a cute little breakfast/brunch spot in Chattanooga. The original Syrup & Eggs used to be in an old fire house in the St. Elmo neighborhood, but has since moved to a new (even cuter!) location in the heart of downtown, nestled in the Dwell Hotel (it actually used to be the old Solarium Restaurant, so a lot of the decor is very similar and has a funky/retro vibe). To be 100% transparent here, the grammable-ness of it all is what drew me in, but the food is what keeps me coming back.

c/o Times Free Press
I mean, come on. Whoever does their interior decorating, please call me (I didn't know I needed a blue iceblock glass tile bar in my living room until now). This place is a mood.

This place specializes in crazy pancake combos: peanut butter & jelly pancakes, tiki pina colada pancakes, lemon lavender blueberry pancakes...pretty much whatever these breakfast chefs gods dream up from pancake heaven & decide to bless us peasants with. The pancake specials rotate, too, so be sure to follow them on Instagram to see what mouthwatering buttery goodness is coming to a tastebud near you soon.

c/o @syrupandeggs
So we popped in on Sunday morning, and put our name on the list. It's always a gamble for us when we tote our sassy 2 year old daughter along to food adventures around town (will we get well-behaved "I'll-just-sit-and-color-thanks" Lilly? Or will we get squirmy, "shrieking-just-to-hear-my-own-voice-and-can-only-be-soothed-by-playing-Frozen-on-a-loop" Lilly?"). Anywhere with more than a 10 minute wait has us side-eyeing each other and communicating with facial expressions that only parents of young kids can relate to (an eyebrow raise: "Should we chance it?"; a worried one-sided smirk: "I need coffee & bacon. We don't have a choice.")

15 minutes in, we breathed a sigh of relief as we were lead to our table, but not without quickly scanning the restaurant for all exits, in case of emergency; and by emergency, I mean the toddler kind, like when your kid starts throwing all the menus on the floor and dipping their hands straight into the pool of syrup on your plate and rubbing butter in their hair. You know that look your mom would give you when you were young, the one that inspired the phrase "if looks could kill"? Well, I haven't perfected that yet, and there's no reasoning with a toddler anyway, but I'm getting lots of parenting practice these days.

I scanned the menu and lasered in on the pancakes. The special that day was a hibiscus pancake that didn't sound all that appealing to me (where is the Lucky Charms pancake when you want it!?), so I went classic with one of their fixed menu staples: vanilla pancakes. But make it fancy.

You know you're eating like a toddler when you order rainbow sprinkle chocolate chip vanilla pancakes for yourself and not your 2 year old child (who already had eaten a healthy breakfast of oatmeal and fruit thankyouverymuch.) But it's ok. I shared. I'm not a complete monster.

So verdict? Delicious. Syrup & Eggs is seriously just the cutest spot with some excellent & creative dishes (I've heard whispers that the biscuits & gravy are top notch). But I really want to go back & try some of those crazy pancake combos! I'll have to watch their instagram menu and wait for the right moment to pounce. 

After we finished up breakfast, we exited through the hotel lounge, which spills you out into the lobby. Definitely be sure to stop by the lobby because the decor is fabulous. Your instagram boyfriend/husband will hate you for it, but when in Rome Chattanooga...

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