Galentines Gift Guide (AKA: things I bought based on packaging)

February 3, 2020

Let’s talk Galentines gift guide! Wait, don’t you mean Valentines? No, girl, GALentines. Because let’s face it, if you’re a girl reading this, looking for Valentines gift guides (as in gifts-for-your-man), you’re in the wrong department, babe. You need to take yourself on a date to Victoria’s Secret, grab something cute (& that makes you feel cute), and hand deliever that jazz in person with a beer in one hand & a pizza in the other because literally nothing on this list I’m about to share would be of any interest to our red-blooded male spouses (pro tip: those bacon bouquets on Pinterest are a great man gift & 100% easy to make. I speak from experience & I am a horrible cook.) We all know Valentine’s Day is more for us ladies anyway (we want to wear cute pink & red outfits, drink Prosecco, and gossip over brunch while instagramming the whole shebang).

That being said, girls are WAY more fun to shop for anyway. It is because of this reason that places like Target & TJ Maxx are time warps. One minute, I’m walking through the aisle putting diapers & milk in my cart, and the next I’m waking up at home, post-blackout, with a chocolate raspberry face mask still on, next to 2 bags worth of dollar spot tea towels, Valentines socks, and cartons of Prosecco cotton candy. I don’t ask questions anymore. To quote the Baby Yoda show, I’ve just accepted that yes, “This is the way.

So what’s on my Galentines gift guide? Millenial pink luggage sets? High end diamond encrusted makeup? A solid gold beach cruiser? (Seriously. I saw a gift guide on Pinterest that had a freaking gold bike on it). None of that eye roll/groan stuff here, because I don’t know about you, but I can’t exactly afford to buy my closest friends all rosegold beach cruisers (You get a bike! You get a bike! Everyone gets a bike!). As much as I wish I had Oprah’s bankroll, unfortunately I do not. So instead, I put cutesty stuff from Target & such on my list that’s actually affordable! Plus, it’s Valentines, guys. It’s not really the same caliber of holiday as birthdays or Christmas.

So for this guide, literally it's around $20. You can find so many great things at places like Marshall’s, Burlington, and hell, Dollar Tree! It doesn’t have to cost a fortune; it just has to be thoughtful. If your girlfriends aren’t into typical “girl shit” like this, that’s totally fine! Put together a little goodie bag with things they’ll actually like. Me, on the other hand, well, if it’s pink, has cute graphics, and includes the word “rosé ” then I’m pretty much guaranteed to like your gift. Also, if it’s booze, you’re golden, girl (or if it’s Golden Girls. Also acceptable.)

Hit up your fav stores for things like bath bombs, face masks (anything spa-related #selfcare), & things that hit us hard with the packaging (I see you adorable lotion tin with the 1950s lady on it). You can also still go “high end” without breaking the bank - just opt for mini or travel size versions of your favorite makeup or perfume (like this cute pocket sized Kate Spade perfume). Or just DIY it. If your hands were gifted by the Betty Crocker goddess herself, then completely ignore everything I just said & please for the love of god, bake us some glitter dusted buttercream unicorn cupcakes that we can binge-eat in solitude, while binge-watching every rom com in the current Netflix search queue (more on this later. Stay tuned. Unicorn cupcakes sold separately). 

I found the chocolate rose at Target (where my Bachelor fans at), along with the Prosecco cotton candy, the raspberry chocolate face mask, and the heart bath bomb. Total cost? Around $9. The macarons were made by a local baker but Hot Chocolatier has them for a few bucks a piece, and the Kate Spade perfume was $6. The lotion was on clearance for $2 & the lip tin was spotted at Dollar Tree. Finally, the Austin East Cider came in a 6 pack, but divided up, it came to about $2 per can.

But what if you wait until the last minute & Target is completely sold out of all the cute/trendy stuff? Well, that’s why Prime was invented. I found some pretty adorable stuff on Amazon that would make great gifts.

The Lapule candle is a splurge at $39 but smell AMAZING. But a quick search turns up tons of candle options, so just kind of including this one here as a placeholder for candles in general (because who doesn't love candles?). Also included are statement earrings (rainbow! Pastel! Hearts! All 3 at once!), Vintage Cosmetic Co. eyelashes (literally the best $4 false eyelashes. I fully endorse this brand #notsponsored), a rainbow-pearl headband (it’s like if Lisa Frank had an accessories line at Claire’s), and a wallet that announces to the world what we really spend all our paychecks on.

But the takeaway here is know your audience. If your bestie hates Bath & Body Works type stuff, don’t gift her 3 Sweater Weather candles & foaming hand soap that smells like birthday cake (but I will take all that stuff off your hands for you). If you know your girls would rather just spend time with you instead (because who wouldn’t? You’re awesome, babe), just take them all on a date to your favorite coffee spot (and if you’re local, check out this post. I got you covered). 

And lastly, if your friend is a mother of dragons toddlers - don’t buy us a damn thing. Just babysit our kids & give us a night off. Easiest. Gift. Ever.

Happy Valentines!

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