Galentines Babes Take on Nashville

February 13, 2020

If you're not into celebrating Valentines Day, it's ok. I totally get it. There's so much pressure to impress your loved one(s) with heart shaped mystery chocolates (what is that filling anyway!?), fancy dinners (just deliver a pizza to my house & I'm golden), and over the top dates (then again, I wouldn't say no if a limo arrived to pick me up). It seems like every year, we try to one-up the year before, and eventually, you either run out of ideas or just get so exhausted from it all that you just decide to stay in & eat leftover Chinese food from the safe confines of your couch. But even if you loathe Valentines Day, there's one other made up holiday that you should absolutely be celebrating: Galentines Day!

Officially celebrated on February 13th, Galentines Day is a day all about those special ladies in your life. Thanks to Leslie Knope, we now have a completely legit excuse to spend an entire day brunching with our besties over waffles & mimosas, followed up by a luxurious spa day of mani-pedis & lounging poolside in a private cabana somewhere warm & sunny. Ok, so that's really more so just my ultimate girls day fantasy, but the brunch part, I can definitely do. So I did!

My bestie Queen B treated me to an early Galentines day when I came up to Nashville to spend the weekend with her. She's basically my sister-soulmate, so we like to carve out some time for each other every now & then for just us (like this Disney trip we took last August, full of shenanigans). Girl literally knows all the best spots in Nashville & makes killer itineraries every time I visit (seriously, B, you need to start a business). She planned out the whole day & we kicked it off the only way we know how: brunch.

We needed energy for our day, so Hampton Social was our first stop. As soon as we walked in, we were greeted by this stunning floral wall (which I may need to recreate for my house). Who needs bouquets with walls like these? (Us...because spoiler alert: we still got flowers).

We didn't have to wait long to be seated, and apparently we weren't the only ones who had the idea  for a Hampton Social brunch because the restaurant was literally 80% millenial females. It's not hard to see why though: good food (eggs benny or you're doing brunch wrong), great drinks (why yes, I am drinking rosé out of a giant clamshell), and 100% instagrammable (she gets me). 

Also, this:

I mean, I told you, this place is Instagram gold - which is precisely why it is so suited to a Galentines Day, because my husband would have took one look at that giant pink & white flower wall in the entryway and nope'd right on out of there. 

Next up on our lady-date was treating ourselves to handmade fresh bouquets from the cutest flower shop, FLWR. This cozy little spot in East Nashville had some gorgeous blooms, and I don't have to convince you that this place smelled amazing (still dreaming of those garden roses). B picked out a few stems for a sweet little bouquet that they assembled fresh right there in the shop.

Our next stop brought us to Van Dyke "Bed & Beverage," a unique hotel with 8 different themed rooms, all named after different types of booze - but you know, classy AF-style (seriously. Check it out. I'm going to move into the Rum room). The check-in is also a really cute bar, so obviously it was champagne o'clock.

B still wasn't done with the stops on our Galentines Day adventure, so next we hit up Darlin' and she definitely challenged my comfort zone.

Darlin' is literally the swankiest lingerie shop I have ever set foot in (we definitely weren't in Victoria's Secret). This was like if Victoria had a a fancy AF British cousin who used words like "posh" and "brilliant," wore opera gloves, and used one of those really long cigarette holders.

First off, I'm not typically one to even buy lingerie anymore, like ever (because honestly, old tshirts that have been so worn-in that they're like silk are just...honestly more comfortable than actual silk). It's not that I don't appreciate good lingerie (because who doesn't love admiring pretty lacey things on satin hangers?), it's more that I just don't appreciate said lingerie on me. I'm definitely not in my 20s anymore, and coming face-to-face (like really up close & personal here) with myself in a full length mirror in something threadbare & skintight can be kind of depressing after you've had a baby (um, 2 years ago), haven't worked out in half a decade (I'm not exaggerating), and can see your Chick-fil-A diet working its "magic" on your thighs (I mean...worth it though, am I right?).

However, it's moments like these when you really appreciate your friends. B encouraged me to try things on (despite my nervous laughter) and was fully supportive & honest with each "outfit," I tried on, no matter how ridiculous I felt. But friends can also be a bad influence & then suddenly you find yourself pulling a Rebecca Bloomwood, walking out with $90 worth of lingerie and exiting the store feeling like you literally just blacked out. But - money well spent for finding something that really did make me feel beautiful, even if I couldn't see it myself in the moment. Sometimes it takes a friend holding our hand & encouraging us to just do the damn thing because we deserve it, and we deserve to appreciate all our bodies have been through and to love them the way they are - Chick-fil-A thighs & all.

...also, there was a photo booth. And a party swan. We took full advantage of that.

Our final stop of the day (now) evening, was coffee (because like I said, B totally gets me and I will literally drink coffee any time of day/night). Also, we planned to be up late (and by late, I mean past 9:30), and needed a pick-me-up.

The coffee shop was attached to the Flamingo Cocktail Club, where we kind of just stumbled upon a vintage pop-up shop they had going on, and I literally could not believe some of the clothes these vendors were hawking as "vintage." As someone who literally grew up around vintage clothes (my mom runs an online vintage business) I've had the pleasure of briefly being in the company of some seriously amazing frocks: a bright Tiffany-blue Dior cocktail dress; a pink & cream brocade Alfred Shaheen gown; a playful 1960s original Lilly Pulitzer floral maxi...(I'm literally swooning down memory lane right now). Let me tell you, these pop-up shop clothes were not vintage: think acid washed denim jackets, nylon windbreakers, and dirty looking truckstop tshirts. I know that the 90s are back, but sorry - vintage to me will always conjure images of 1950s tulle prom dresses, psychedelic 60s maxis, and muted 70s jumpsuits. I'll pass on the corduroy patchwork denim skirt, thanks.

So while the retail therapy was lacking a little bit in the vintage department, the actual aesthetic of the Flamingo nailed it & was the perfect setting. The decor in here had a total 70s vibe. So I went for it & had to wear my sunnies inside. Yup. I was that girl.

Hidden way in the back corner was a girl doing tarot card readings, so we popped in for a reading (well, B did & I tagged along. I'm still a bit afraid of what a tarot card reader might tell me). She seemed totally legit and not at all fake or sketchy. According to B, a lot of what she said made total sense and hit home for her. She gave a lot of good insight and the whole experience was actually very positive, despite the ominous & creepy-looking deck.

I literally had the best time on my early Galentines date with B, and enjoyed just spending time together. At the heart of it all, that's really what Galentines day is all about: celebrating friendships & showing the important people in your life how much you care about them...

...or you know, just an another excellent excuse to leave the husbands at home & gossip over brunch with your babes.

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