Rock the Dots: How to Style Polka Dots

January 21, 2020

Well, well, well, if isn't another "national holiday" I can go all out for. Nice to see you, National Polka Dot Day. Obviously, I couldn't pass this opportunity up. I have always been a fan of polka dots; it's just such a fun pattern! The first thing I think of when I see a polka dot pattern (especially a red polka dot pattern) is Minnie Mouse. She has the ultimate classic style, and I had to join in the fun to rock the dots today!

I threw together a quick little post featuring some of my favorite past polka dot looks & ideas on how to style them, and I scoured the internet for some cute polka-pieces for you guys.

1. Channel your inner Minnie
Let's kick it off with the one & only, Minnie Mouse. When picking polka dot pieces, I always keep Minnie in the back of my mind. Disney World is the ultimate place to show your polka dot style, and I've done just that plenty of times. If you're heading to Disney any time soon, let Minnie be your inspiration for an entire polka dot themed look. Go head-to-toe polka dot, or keep it simple with a top and a pair of mouse ears. There are so many different ways to rock the dots at Disney!

Some of my favorite Minnie/Disney looks are these 3. The off-the-shoulder top was perfect to pair with my Mickey jumper, and the red romper just screamed classic Minnie. But I think of the 3, my favorite piece has to be the over the top, wide leg polka jumpsuit. It's a statement piece for sure! And get this - the best part is I only paid $2 for this gem! I rescued it from a bin at Bargain Hunt, and it just happened to be my size. I love when I get lucky with great fashion finds!

2. Dresses & Rompers
I didn't even think about it until now, but this next look could also lean towards Minnie style, a la her original blue polka dot outfit with the flower hat. I paired this romper/dress with a pair of yellow wedges and added the whimsical daisy tassel earrings. This romper is really fun to walk around in because the train of the romper (dress?) billows out behind me as I walk (just avoid windy days!)

There are a million & one polka dot dresses out there - everything from vintage style fit & flare dresses to frilly, ruffly, confections of a dress. If you're trying to avoid the Minnie vibe, opt for something other than the red/white combo. I love unexpected polka dot color combos, like this rainbow one from SheIn, or this pink & white one from ASOS.

3. Shorts & Bright Colors
Polka dots on shorts is an easy way to bring some whimsy into a look, especially paired with a neon or brightly colored top. I love mixing graphic tees with shorts and then piling on the accessories. I think polka dot shorts could also be fun to do some pattern-mixing. Dots & stripes can look really cute together if you find the right pieces that work well together.

4. Tights
I don't wear tights that often, but I do have a couple of fun pairs in different prints (polka dots of course, and also "faux knee high" tights and some printed with bows). Grab a pair of nude tights with mini dots or go sexy/chic with black-on-black polka dot tights. I feel like tights are kind of an overlooked piece, but they are a smart idea to bring some personality into your wardrobe in the winter when you just want to stay nice & toasty, but at the same time you want to still look cute (I struggle with winter wear for this exact reason)!

For this look, I paired a blush quilted skirt with polka dot tights & a lavender sweater (more on this look coming soon). It's definitely one of my favorite winter looks I've done so far.

5. Tshirts
Feel like phoning it in a little bit? I hear ya! Sometimes you just want to be comfortable, above all else. Or perhaps you're running late for brunch and don't have time to invest all that creative energy into a whole ensemble & need something simple. Or maybe, just maybe, you've put off laundry for so long, that most of your clothes are dirty at this point and that little polka dot tee is the only thing clean at the moment (guilty).

Whatever your reason, tees & shirts are great way to show off your polka dot style. For this look, I kept the outfit simple with the tee and jeans, then added the pop of color (& fun!) with my cherry pom pom earrings and red heart sunglasses.

I own a lot of polka dot pieces and enjoy coming up with different ways to style & re-use some of the same pieces for different looks. Clearly I'm a fan of polka dots...

So if you're on the hunt for your next polka dot piece, I'm here to help! I've put together a couple of suggestions for cute pieces I've found from different places online.

Clockwise from top left:
Pink Dress - $35| Rainbow Dot Overlay Dress - $16| Bodysuit  - $45 | Yellow Dress  - $20| Crop Top + Skirt Set - $27.99

Clockwise from top left:
Sheer Tights - $4 | Bow Tote - $ 42.16| Minnie Tumbler - $ | Dolce Vita Sandals - $53

I can't wait to see everyone's #rockthedots looks today! Happy styling!

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