January Favorites

January 30, 2020

As part of a new series on my blog (that I will hopefully keep up with), at the end of each month I’ll be rounding up my favorites & “currents” - anything from movies/tv, to music, to fashion, to...well, basically whatever I feel like I’ve been into and/or obsessing over & that I think is totally shareworthy!

With January coming to a close, I wanted to kick off the series this month (& we’ll see how many months I make it before I forget to do a roundup)! First up...

...currently reading: The Dirty Book Club

One of my New Year’s resolutions was to read more. My goal is to read one book a month, and this month’s was The Dirty Book Club, by Lisa Harrison. I first found this book when I was browsing the stacks at McKay’s (the cover caught my eye) & glossed over the synopsis on the back. The abbreviated version is this: girl moves to CA to start over; girl joins secret book club that reads only erotic novels; girl bonds over naughty bestsellers with the other 3 members of the club & adventures (& hilarity) ensue. It was a cute & fun read with a very intriguing premise. I would definitely recommend if you’re looking for something to read for the upcoming month of love.  ;)

...currently watching: The Circle

The Circle on Netflix is a game show that is basically a social media experiment meets reality tv competition. Players move into the same apartment building but can’t meet or interact face-to-face with each other. They communicate exclusively via profiles created on a specially designed social media app called The Circle. Since everyone is anonymous, they can be whoever they want: some choose to become catfish while others portray their true identities. Throughout the competition, players rate each other & vie for the top role of “Influencer” with the power to boot someone off. The person who makes it to the end takes home the grand prize of $100K. The first episode can seem a bit slow because everything takes place in the apartments & there is no face to face interaction, but it picks up (some of the contestants are hilarious & so interesting! Chris is my favorite)! I found the overall concept very intriguing, & it’s worth the watch if you’re needing a new binge worthy show.

...favorite food: let's taco 'bout it

No surprise here: tacos. I could literally eat Mexican food every day if my husband would go for it. Chatt has some pretty fire taco joints & several were frequented this month. My favorite though was a girls taco night hosted by my friend Sarah. I loved getting to catch up with my girls over margaritas & a home cooked taco feast!

...favorite product: magnetic falsies

I had heard about these Ardell magnetic lashes from friends on Instagram & had been wanting to try them, but couldn’t find them at Target or my usual go-to places for beauty (& wasn’t about to make a special trip out to the mall for Sephora). So when I came across them randomly at TJ Maxx (for half off!!), I snatched them up. By now, I’m kind of a self-proclaimed pro at lashes with glue. I’ve come pretty far since the first time I seriously struggled with good ole fashion glued lashes that took almost an hour to apply (no joke)! Now I can stick those things on with precision in under 5 minutes, but the glue can still be tricky. So the whole magnetic thing was appealing. It was very simple to apply & it held up well - probably still not as strong as glue, but a great alternative for those who struggle with the traditional method. The trick to getting these to stay is really caking on the eyeliner since that’s what the lashes adhere to. I wore these wispies all day long & didn’t have any issues with a lash going rogue or falling off & getting stuck to my cheek.

...favorite activity: bloggers gonna blog

Blogging! This month has been busy-busy! While I may not be blogging daily, or even every other couple of days (it’s tax season y’all & I work at a CPA firm. Ain’t nobody got time for that), I’ve managed to still get in a decent amount of posts! I love taking the time to sit down and turn one of my ideas from my blogging journal into a reality: everything from the initial concept, to creating & capturing the content, to crafting up the actual written post. 

And get this: I blog 90% from my phone. Yup, that includes taking & editing photos, writing the actual post (I’m typing this in notepad as we speak), & uploading content. I use the blogger app on my phone & will use a laptop to get the formatting right before a post goes live. Why you ask? Because my MacBook died like a year ago & I haven’t gotten a new one. So I use my hub’s laptop sparingly & have just kind of adapted! 

...favorite trips: everything Tennessee

It’s a tie this month. We took a day trip to Knoxville a couple weeks ago (read all about that here) & I had so much fun exploring the city, grabbing brunch with the fam, & watching Lilly go wild at the children’s museum. Second fav? Lazy Saturdays at Coolidge park (where iced coffee is served with a view) & long walks across the walking bridge (or in Lilly's case, the running bridge).

And with that, January is pretty much over. I can’t wait for you guys to see all the fun things coming in February!

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