5 New Year's Eve Looks to Inspire You in 2020

December 31, 2019

New Year's Eve is one of my favorite holidays simply because I love getting dressed up, and NYE is a chance to get really dressed up. It's a respite from my usual momiform of whatever tshirt I pulled from my PJ drawer and a pair of (really) stretchy "jeans." Depending on your plans, you may be getting black-tie ready (are those opera gloves I spy?) or just opting for that classic Gatsby New Year's vibe (feather boa: required). One rule of thumb though that most people follow is to wear anything shiny, sparkly, or covered in sequins. The goal is to basically look like a human disco ball (if I can blind someone with my sparkles, I have succeeded in my outfit endeavor).

I've put together a few New Year's looks for inspiration. Chances are, I'll probably be home well before midnight (like, 7:30pm. Hello toddler mom life!), but that won't stop me from wearing a metallic gold sweater and a shiny clutch (minimum effort while still looking like I tried). 

From Gatsby-glam to more casual comfort (sweaters. YES!), here are just a few outfits I put together for inspiration.

One other thing I should note: champagne is both a necessity and and accessory for NYE. When I think New Year's, a bottle (or 3) of bubbly definitely comes to mind. So I let that be the inspiration for my color palette: champagnes, blushes, beiges, and lots of black + gold. There are so many cute novelty bags out there nowadays, so NYE is the perfect time to break out that champagne shaped bottle bag you bought 6 months ago in anticipation of NYE, for the sole purpose of wearing it for less than 12 hours one night of the year (hey, it goes perfectly with your outfit, babe). But if novelty isn't your thing, just go for sparkles or a clutch with graphics. A quick google search proves the options are endless!

1. LC Lauren Conrad - $19 | 2. Amazon Prime - $35.99 | 3. Poshmark - $25 |
4. DSW - $29.98 | 5. Amazon Prime - $25.99 | 6. Betsey Johnson - $49.95

Once the essentials are pieced together, crown your outfit (literally) with some fun head-wear. I love a festive (cheesy) "Happy New Year" paper crown, but I also found this cute rhinestone wire headpiece a few years ago and have used it every New Year's since. You can snag a very similar one here for about $15. It keeps the glam level at critical mass.

Hope some of these outfits inspired you to put together your own crystal-studded NYE look! Just add a bottle of Mo√ęt and you are ready to take the town by shiny, sparkly storm!

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