Witch, Please: A Look Back at Some of my Favorite Pop Culture Witches

October 25, 2019

Witchy culture is currently undergoing a bit of a revival and has become pretty prevalent in current pop culture. There have been so many TV shows and movies in the past few years featuring witches, and for that reason (& because I'm obsessed with so many of these shows), I decided October was the perfect time to blog about it.

From the idyllic to the iconic, I'm rounding up some of my favorite pop culture witches & where to find them.

1. G l i n d a   t h e   G o o d   W i t c h

For me personally, Glinda was kind of the OG witch. She was the first one I was introduced to way back when. I had the VHS tape (yes. VHS.) of The Wizard of Oz and would wear that tape out! My favorite scenes were the ones where Glinda was featured, and I dreamed of the day when I could be as fabulous as Glinda, parading around in a poofy pink confection of a gown and travel via floating magic bubbles (ok, I mean, at least the former came true).

I'm also a big fan of Wicked: The Musical and have been lucky enough to see it (that soundtrack though). So Glinda has always had a prominent presence in my life. When it came to witch costumes, Glinda takes the cake (she pretty much dresses like one). That pink poofy ballgown was just begging to be photographed & is 100% on brand for me.

For this look, I had to go true vintage. This 1950s tulle prom dress has been hanging in my closet since high school, when I first pilfered it off my mom; she runs an online vintage business, so several dresses from her inventory served as the catalyst for many of my photography projects over the years (maybe some day you'll be privy to photographs from "The Closet Sessions" [inside joke - you know who you are]).

Of course, what kind of Wizard of Oz post would this be without a pair of ruby slippers? Only this time, they got a bit of an upgrade. If Dorothy were a millennial, she would absolutely be sporting these red satin Badgley Mischka heels - and probably on her way out to some freaking fabulous club named Oz to dance the night away.

2.  S a b r i n a   S p e l l m a n

I originally thought about doing the classic 90s Sabrina, the one I grew up with. Then I thought, let's get out of my comfort zone - let's go dark with the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. Let me be perfectly honest here: when I heard Netflix was doing a Sabrina remake in a darker tone, based off the Archie Horror comic series, I wasn't thrilled. I loved the fluff and whimsy of the Melissa Joan Hart original (& the kitsch & nostalgia of the 1960s OG Archie comics), and was looking forward to seeing that in a modern take. So it honestly took me a few episodes to catch on to the Netflix version.

I hated the way the first few episodes were shot. I found them distracting, disorienting, and a bit overdone with the intensely dark frames and shadowy vignettes, resulting in a pretty restrictive field of view. Once they dispensed with the (overkill) theatrics and shot the damn thing in a more bearable style, I was able to immerse myself in the story line. The darker retelling was a fresh, new perspective, and I absolutely love Kiernan Shipka as Sabrina.

I decided to recreate one of her iconic looks with a collared red dress. I added the spellbook clutch and a black cat pin to my collar as a nod to Salem. This is not my usual style (I'm clearly more of a rainbows-and-ruffles type of gal), so getting to channel my inner dark side was actually pretty fun.

Ya girl cannot pull off the short, bobbed haircut (nor am I blonde) so I'm taking some liberties with the hair situation here, but I think I pulled off that "bitch, don't mess with me" vibe.

3. Z o e  B e n s o n

Ohhhh American Horror Story, how I love you. Remember how I said I wasn't a horror person? Well, this is the exception to that. AHS can be very dark and very gory at times, but the story line & concept is so intriguing that it gets a pass. My absolute favorite season ever (& the best one yet) was season five: Coven. 

Zoe Benson is a fierce witch with amazing style. If I were going to forgo all color from here on out, Zoe would become my new style icon. I think I could be totally cool with a black and white wardrobe so long as wide brim hats and dark sunglasses were in full rotation along with it.

Really though, all the witches in Coven have some pretty epic style. I loved getting to recreate the ominous & dark fashion surrounding that season of AHS and bring some of that spooky-glam style to this look.

I opted for Zoe's classic white shirt with the black ribbon tie, paired with a black skirt and the iconic hat. This outfit is not only something cute I could wear (& have worn) to the office, but it doubles as a last minute super simple Halloween costume. You could even create your own Coven group costume by having everyone don a different AHS witch's outfit (if any of my friends want to do this, I call Mrytle's amazing red dress!)

Pop culture is full of so many great witch characters, and it was hard to narrow it down to just a few. This time of year, I love watching all the spooky/Halloween themed shows & movies. If you're planning a night in and looking for a good movie or show, I've compiled a list of some of my favorites that feature witches.

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