The SheIn Dress You Need In Your Closet

August 5, 2019

I love color, fun, and whimsy. It's not only part of my aesthetic, it's just who I am. I have no qualms about being that girl who's wearing Minnie Mouse ears on a coffee run, slipping into rose gold sneakers for a walk around the block, or way overdressing for the grocery store. Fashion should be fun, and for me, that equates to bright colors, flirty styles, and anything reminiscent of candy & cake. So when I found this dress on SheIn for only $17, it instantly went into my cart.

Rainbow Striped Pom Pom Dress: SheIn - $17.00

I love shopping on SheIn because the clothes are so affordable and with 5.6 million styles to choose from (or what feels like it), there's literally something for everyone. This maxi dress fit my personality and style so well, and I just love how playful it is with the candystripe pattern, ruffles, and pom pom accents. I'm also a sucker for off the shoulder styles, but I'm always a little worried when I buy off the shoulder stuff online because they are most definitely not all created equal. Some styles slide around on your shoulder like crazy, while others won't stay up at all. This dress has just the right amount of stretch to keep the bodice firmly in place, even when moving your arms around.

To play off the dress, I added these cloud rainbow tassel earrings from Little Arrow Shop (she has the most fun & whimsical earrings!) and my baby pink DKNY satchel.Unfortunately, the earrings are currently sold out, but she does regularly restock her shop, so keep checking back!

Exact DKNY Satchel: (last season) but via Poshmark here | Similar style: DKNY Official
Rainbow tassel earrings: Little Arrow Shop - $25

Since we were already downtown, we popped into Niedlovs Bakery for some breakfast. With as many years as I've lived here, somehow I have never been in Niedlovs, which is basically a Chattanooga staple at this point. I've definitely eaten their bread (many, many times. This girl loves carbs), but just never stopped in to their brick & mortar store. Definitely a mistake on my part, because this little shop has one delicious bake case & gave me total Epcot/France Pavilion vibes. Plus it's only a couple blocks from my work, so this place is going into my morning rotation for sure!

I ordered the pesto croissant & Barry got the "Fancy" - a fully loaded breakfast. We also couldn't pass up the cinnamon rolls. For coffee, we ordered their version of Cuban coffee. I've had Cuban coffee before and sadly, this was no it, so I don't recommend it, but at least it made a cute photo (look at that tiny little cup)!

If you guys get the chance, definitely swing by and grab a coffee and something from their bake case. The line moves slow, but it's worth it. Then head on down to the polka dot wall after. There's probably a good chance I'll be there, doublefisting my croissants and chillin' with my girls.

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