Pink Retreat Series: Saturday & Sunday, Days 2 & 3

July 22, 2019

Psssst! This post is part of a series - click here to catch up on all the Pink Retreat recaps!

Welcome back to my next (& final!) post about my experience in Palm Beach at the Pink Retreat! Because I hadn't signed up for any extra activities beyond the walking tour, days 2 & 3 were a little more laid back for me. On the itinerary, day 2 had the option of sunrise yoga and a couple of painting classes. I opted out of painting (no way anything else was going to fit in my carryon anyway) but I wanted to get in on the yoga action (I heard there were mimosas!). Unfortunately, by the time I has registered for the Pink Retreat, all of the yoga spots had been filled (oh well, looks like it would have to be mimosas on my own by the pool instead. Not such a bad compromise after all). That left some extra time in my day to play around with.

Going into the trip, I knew I had to squeeze in some beach/pool/relaxation time (you can't go to FL without heading to the beach at least once!), and since we had gotten all of our shopping done on day 1, we had a hefty chunk of time left, and I'm so glad it worked out that way!

We started the morning by hitting up the Colony pool. Since we got there early, there were still plenty of lounge chairs available. We cooled off in the pool & chatted up some of the other Lilly attendees. 

After we had our fill of pool time, we decided we wanted a change of scenery and took a short 5 minute walk to the beach, which also included a great photo op: the Clock Tower at the entrance to Worth Avenue - one side offers an afternoon of sun & (burn-your-feet-kind-of-hot) sand, while the other beckons you to empty your bank account (pro tip: there's also a Starbucks. That's about all I could afford. Good thing photos are free & coffee is cheap).

One of the biggest tips I can offer you if you go next year is to leave yourself a block of time to just explore! Spread out the retreat events that you want attend and don't spend all day nonstop shopping. Palm Beach offers so many other unique sights & activities that you won't want to miss.

We decided to do a little exploring on our walk back to the hotel after the beach. The sun had really taken it out of us and we needed coffee. We knew there was a Starbucks nearby, but it took some detective work to find it, since there weren't any obvious signs front & center on the street (hint: its next door to Saks Fifth Avenue). Just know that it's through the archway and to the left or right depending on which side you are coming from. If you spot this cute Palm Beach sign, you know you're in the right place.

Once our energy levels had been fully restored with the nectar of the (coffee) gods, we went back to the hotel to change & the headed right back out again - this time we were Breakers bound (because did you even really come to Palm Beach if you didn't visit the Breakers?). I'll backtrack a bit if you don't know what I'm talking about.

The Breakers is a historic Italian Renaissance style hotel that first opened in 1896. Because the hotel was wooden, it burned down in 1903 & was reopened a year later. And the cost of rooms back then? Whew, a cool FOUR DOLLARS and included meals (um, what? I can't even go to Chick-fil-a for $4). Unfortunately, the hotel caught fire again in 1925, and this time they wised up and said, "You know, maybe we should use concrete instead" (I'm pretty sure that's a direct quote, but don't quote me on that). Thus, the Breakers as we know it today, was re-re-born. She sure is a beauty!

The Breakers offers plenty to do. Obviously there are numerous photo ops because the grounds are just stunning. Every little detail was so aesthetically pleasing - right down to the construction tarps. Yup - that palm leaf "wall"? It was hiding ugly construction cranes & equipment. Bravo, Breakers, bravo.

Dress: Lilly Pulitzer Jane Shift in Gypsea Girl | Earrings: Walmart ($1!!) but sold out - similar via Amazon

All that walking had us working up an appetite, so we popped in to the Breakers' icecream shop, Mary Lily's, for a snack. Mary Lily's also has frozen custard & gelato, as well as assorted candy, chocolate, and fun goodies & souvenirs (I loved how fun & bright this shop was)!

That night was "Girls Night Out" and wasn't really any kind of formally structured Pink Retreat event. As Captain Barbossa would say,  it was "more what you'd call 'guidelines' than actual rules." City Place (a big shopping & dining mecca in the city center with lots of bars & restaurants) was the destination, but where you wanted to go & whom you want to go with was up to you, so there were lots of Lilly ladies spread out all over the place. We grabbed some dinner & drinks at a place called Duffy's (2 for 1 drinks!) but I was pretty wiped out after, so I headed back to the hotel with some of my roomies, while the rest stayed behind to party the night away.

The next morning was the informal grab-and-go brunch at the pool. There was a spread with light breakfast items (coffee, yogurt, muffins, etc) and we mingled and said our goodbyes. The whole weekend went by so quickly, and I'm glad I was able to document as much as I did!

If there's anything you take away from these posts, I hope it's just how much fun this event is! Don't worry if you don't/won't know anyone - you will make friends, and you will have the time of your life. The retreat is a great place to show off your style (work that Lilly tuxedo, girl!), meet other fans and make lifelong friends, and it's basically like summer camp - but with mimosas!

See you in 2020!

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