Pink Retreat Series: Colony Hotel Review

July 6, 2019

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Hi friends! I'm so excited to share the first post in my Palm Beach/Pink Retreat series from my recent trip. There is so much to discuss & share, so I'm splitting up the trip into several different posts. Up first is a full review of where we stayed: the Colony Hotel!

Palm Beach has plenty of options for accommodations, but only one clear (& obvious) choice for us. As a preferred hotel & kind of home-base for all things Pink Retreat (read more about #TPR here & lots more to come, so stay tuned), we knew we wanted to stay right in the action.

The hotel first opened in 1947 & pretty much instantly became synonymous with wealth & glamour. The Colony has played host to countless movie stars (Judy Garland!), presidents, and even the Duke & Duchess of Windsor. The exterior boasts British colonial architecture, but washed in a light pink hue (Elle Woods would approve). The hotel recently underwent a massive renovation, and the interior designers clearly knew what they were doing because the aesthetic is basically what Palm Beach (& Instagram) dreams are made of.

The check in process was quick & smooth, and we were each offered a glass of champagne upon check in (you know it's going to be a great weekend if there's champagne the minute you walk in the door. Can we make this the standard at every hotel?)

We sipped & strolled through the lobby, taking in the palm-print everything (just wait - it gets better), and of course, had to snap a silly photo on the luggage cart (that's my gorgeous roomie & Pink Retreat partner-in-crime, @mrs.emilyhyde).

One thing about the Colony that is really fun is that each floor of the hotel, and several of the rooms, are all done up in different color schemes. We were on the green floor, but we did our due diligence beforehand and knew that one of these floors had pink walls, so we set off to find it (pro tip: its the 5th floor). Part of the fun of this hotel is how aesthetically pleasing it is, and every inch of it is so photogenic. Expect to take lots of photos while you're here!

As this is a historic hotel, the standard rooms are definitely on the smaller side (but don't worry, they offer suites and villas as well!). Our room had 2 double beds and 4 Lilly-obsessed occupants, so you do the math. That's a lot of luggage in one room. But we made it work!

Our room was purple (think the exact shade of the purple wall at Magic Kingdom) and so charming, despite the size. The bathroom was well lit (I can't stand dim bathroom lighting!) and had a gorgeous shower (I didn't take a picture of it, but the tile reminded me of glittery mermaid scales). The closets were spacious and had more than enough room for 4 girls to hang up their shifts & skorts.

Aside from the aesthetic, this hotel has got you covered on amenities. There is yoga on select mornings, live music, and plenty of cocktail & happy hours! The Colony also has dining options, and you can take your pick from room service, CPB (full service restaurant serving breakfast, lunch & dinner), or Cafe 155 for breakfast & lunch options, as well as quick grab-and-go treats.

The beach is literally a 5 minute walk, but we all know FL gets HOT (like, sweating 15 seconds after stepping outside kind of hot), so you can ride in style instead & hitch a complimentary ride on the (pink!!) golf cart. There are also cute bikes available to use for Colony hotel guests.

You don't have to go far to find relaxation here. The pool was probably my favorite part about this hotel. I loved the little retro umbrellas and chaise lounges. The grounds of the pool felt very lush & tropical, and the whole setup really made me feel like I was in my own little piece of paradise.

You can order food & drinks by the pool from the waitstaff (did someone say double mimosa?) or hit up the pool bar. There is also a little section at the pool that has extra towels (embroidered in pink, no less) and complimentary sunscreen and water. On busy weekends, the lounges can go fast, so if you want to snag a shady spot, come early & take your pick.

I loved coming out here in the early morning and just chilling by the pool. Grab some of the complimentary coffee, bring a book, and just take it all in. This is what vacation is all about! I can't wait to come back and spend more time exploring Palm Beach!

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