Beauty & the Bestie: An Evening at the Nashville Symphony

July 26, 2019

I'm so excited for you to be my guest and let me tell you all about the beast of a time I had at such a beautiful Nashville event recently! Ok, ok. I'll dispense with the cheesy wordplay (but there's nothing wrong with fanning the flames...a little) :)

So a couple of weekends ago, my bestie, Britney, surprised me for my birthday with tickets to the Nashville Symphony. But this wasn't just your average concert - this was Beauty and the Beast in Concert, meaning, a live orchestra would perform the enitre score of the classic 1991 Disney film in real time, as the movie played overhead (dialogue included). If you saw this post, you already know that any event involving music + movies is an instant win in my book. But adding Disney into the mix? That is literally the perfect evening.

So B & I had a date night, and it was magical.

As this was a girl-date, we had to start off like all good dates: with drinks (I mean, cocktails or it didn't happen, right?). We stopped in to Liberty Common, and I ordered what was quite possibly the bougiest drink of my life: a champagne julep. It was basically an adult snowcone that looked like rosegold had melted all over it. Pretty & delicious? Yes, please!

Wistfully thinking of the second cocktail I was going to order

You may have already guessed, but since it was a Disney themed event, that obviously called for dressing accordingly. Since I had already done a Belle Disneybound before (see exhibit A), I wanted to mix it up. I mean, there wasn't time to be timid - I had to be bold and daring (sorry, this is too easy)! So I went as a a subtle-but-classy-AF-Beast version. And the best part? The dress was completely free, thanks to best friend #2, who had planned to chuck this sapphire darling of a dress in her Goodwill pile (one girl's trash...)

The real star of my outfit were these rose heels. They really pulled the whole look together and were the perfect nod to the enchanted rose.

With the dress & heels acquired, I just needed a couple more Beastly touches. I added the yellow belt to tie in some more of the Beast's color palette, and added the gold clutch. I topped everything off with a dainty rose necklace (Amazon Prime saves the day, yet again).

Dress: (originally from) Lulu's | Clutch: Goodwill find (similar here) | Rose heels: Zaful | Necklace: Amazon

And what's a Beast without her bestie, Belle? B put a fun spin on provincial Belle that I am totally digging (I need that dress)! I love that she chose a gingham off the shoulder dress and added the trendy basket/ark clutch!

B's dress: Adelyn Rae c/o Rent the Runway | Bag: Amazon

Then it was time for the main event - more cocktails! Just kidding! I mean, I would be lying if I said we didn't have champagne in the courtyard before the show, but clearly we were there for music & BATB. The drinks were just a bonus.

Our seats were literally front & center of the orchestra. The screen hung overhead, so we got a really close up view of all the action.

It was so cool to both see & hear the orchestra playing all the iconic songs from the movie, and really made you take notice of each & every melody that played in the background throughout the film when dialogue was going on. I really enjoyed experiencing the film in a new way!

If you're in the Nashville or surrounding areas, check out the Symphony website here for upcoming shows. The event we attended is just one of many movie concerts in the season. Upcoming shows include Coco, Home Alone, and Harry Potter (coming in May of 2020, eeee!) just to name a few.

The next morning, we grabbed breakfast before I headed back to Chatt. If you're looking for a quick and affordable/delicious breakfast, stop in to Stay Golden. B & I are pretty much always on the same wavelength, so we had identical orders: cuban coffee & a half order of avocado toast (why yes, I am a millenial. Why do you ask?)

This little spot is also pretty instagrammable (another factor when B makes our itineraries...because she gets me. #bloggerlife).

Post-breakfast, we did a little vintage shopping at Pre to Post Modern. They have a great selection of vintage clothes and even a really fun back room filled with old childhood nostalgia (think vintage Disney memorabilia, children's books, and lots of vintage Barbies). The best find of the day was a true vintage 1960s "The Lilly" Lilly  Pulitzer maxi skirt (coming soon!!) and some cute Disney pins for my pin board. 

Then I grabbed my second cuppa for the ride back to Chatt and headed home. Although I was probably in Nashville for less than twenty four hours (the benefits of being so close!), we packed in a ton of stuff on such a quick trip. So you know I'll definitely be back for more Nashville adventures very soon!

Now if you'll excuse me, it's off to cupboard for me - it's past my bedtime!

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