Sittin' on the Dock of the Bay: My Favorite Casual Florida Look

June 30, 2019

When the temperatures hit the 90s and the humidity is nearing 100% (or at least what feels like it), I want to be as breezy and cool as possible. So when we were in Florida (when am I not in FL these days?), I packed a lot of rompers, sundresses, and sleeveless tops to be sure I didn't suffocate in my clothes. There's nothing worse than walking around with a tshirt plastered to your torso and boob sweat slowly sliding down your chest. The "just fell in a pool with my clothes on" look doesn't really work for me.

So one night when we were headed out for a nice seafood dinner on the waterfront, I put together this casual date night look, featuring my favorite romper. I wanted to be comfortable, but still cute (& attempted to not be a sweaty hot mess; not an easy feat in FL heat!), instead of my usual mom uniform of sticky-finger, baby-food covered tee + yoga pants combo.

I love the loose & flowy feel of this romper. The frilly shorts are flirty and the front & back are low-cut, but tasteful, and allow for a lot of airflow. For accessories, I opted for a wristlet. Usually, I carry around an oversize tote which is essentially the equivalent of a just-got-dropped-in-the-jungle survival kit, complete with first aid essentials, an abundance of snacks, a change of clothes, and other necessities like canned goods and crudely made tools to defend myself against the zombie apocalypse (kidding. But as a mom, there are approximately 5 different snack items in my purse at all times, so if you're ever marooned on an island with me, I've got you fam). That was just going to add unnecessary weight, which would just make me work harder & sweat more. So my husband became the pack mule instead. :)

The wristlet is from Old Navy and pretty much sums up how I feel about week-long getaways. Forget 5 o'clock somewhere - every hour is happy hour on vacation!

Romper: similar here  & here | Sugarfix earrings: Target | Wristlet: Oldy Navy (last season) but on Poshmark | Sandals: Aldo (several seasons ago), similar here

I found these fun Sugarfix earrings at Target and decided to incorpoate them into the outfit. I love the little confetti/sprinkle posts & the crystals on the palm leaves. The aqua color contrasted with the bright coral of the romper, and I thought they looked cute together. The Sugarfix Bauble Bar line has put out some seriously cute designs this summer, and I'm definitely guilty of purchasing almost the entire line. A girl needs options, after all.

The best part about this whole look is that it cost me under $30. I got the romper secondhand from Katie of Sugar Spice & Sparkle, the wristlet was on sale for $5 at Old Navy, and the earrings were my "splurge" (comparatively) at a whopping $12.99 from Target.

Even back home in TN, I'm still feeling that sweltering heat (& missing those cool breezes coming off the ocean), so I know this romper will be seeing plenty of sun this summer!

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