National Donut Day

June 7, 2019

Let’s talk donuts. Is it a dessert? A breakfast treat? A substitute for dinner? (I’m going to go with all of the above.) No matter how you look at it, you have to admit, donuts are pretty delicious (unless you’re one of those weird types that doesn’t like them; in which case, you probably just haven’t had the right kind of donuts yet. Come see me; we’ll chat). They are also pretty cute, so it’s no wonder that you can find these sweet treats in all kinds of merchandise these days. I’m a sucker for anything donut…

So to celebrate National Donut Day (like I need a reason; I celebrate this day on the regular), I put together a fun little look inspired by the classic holey treat (& one might argue holy; all praise the chocolate sprinkled donut!)

My dress is a vintage pink & blue confection of a dress from the late 70s (or maybe early 80s) and is such a fun piece! It's perfect for hot days because the material is incredibly light and breezy. If you're looking for your next perfect park dress, you can get this exact dress in my shop, here!

The whole outfit was inspired by this Betsey Johnson donut bag and just came together from there. The bag is actually a lunchbox, which is kind of perfect for a trip to Disney (you mean I can tote around all my essentials while simultaneously keeping a sandwich & snacks perfectly chilled? Sign me up! Those standby lines get long, and no one wants to see me hangry).

My bag can only be found on Poshmark right now, but there are some great alternatives out there from Amazon and other online retailers.

In keeping with the colors, I paired the vintage pink & blue sundress and pastel donut bag with some colorful tassel cloud earrings from Little Arrow Shop to really play up the whimsy & my surroundings. Unfortunately, this pair of earrings is sold out, but the shop has lots of other cute designs and often does restocks of sold item items.

The mouse ears are my favorite piece though. You can find several variations of these cuties, but this particular pair is from We Have Ears. I love how realistic the donuts look!

Dress - Second Star Co. | Ears - We Have Ears | Crossbody - Amazon | Earrings - Little Arrow Shop | Sunnies - Amazon

If you’d rather eat your donuts than wear them, be sure to take full advantage of today. You can get a free classic donut at Dunkin Donuts today with any beverage purchase, and 1 free donut (no purchase necessary) at Krispy Kreme locations. Plus be sure to check out any local spots that may be running specials!

How are you celebrating today?

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