Magic At Any Age: A Magical Unicorn Photoshoot

June 13, 2019

“Growing old is inevitable. Growing up is optional.”

I’ve just crossed the threshold of 31. Yup, I’ve already transcended my 20s & am now traversing my way through my 30s, but I swear I don’t feel a day over 22 (insert other Taylor Swift song here). So what better way to celebrate my 31st birthday than by channeling my inner fairy princess? I had the opportunity to attend the most magical event that was essentially the manifestation of my childhood fantasies come to life & it had my inner 6 year old self fangirling so hard. Excuse me for quoting Taylor Swift, but that day was a fairytale...literally. 

But first, a little backstory. Fairytales have always resonated with me. I remember as a kid I would walk to the public library almost every weekend & wander the stacks (hello Belle complex), almost always checking out books about fairytales, princesses, fairylore & basically anything fantasy. I devoured the Harry Potter series (like most now-grownups my age), grew up on Disney culture, & wore out the Little Princess movie until the VHS tape broke. I got very competitive at Pretty Pretty Princess (we were all vying for that plastic bejeweled crown), played dress up in anything & everything tulle, and had a rather active imagination when it came to playing “make believe” (this was before the renaissance of modern day technology like the internet & iPhones - back when you actually had to use your imagination to have fun).

So when I heard about the event, my friend Sarah & I were all over it. After braving a near 90 degree incline up a mountain (where’s the magic carpet when you need one?), we arrived at Oak Leaf Cottage: an outdoor wedding venue & retreat space located in the mountains, just outside Chattanooga. We were ready to escape to the enchanted forest to mingle with likeminded fairytale-loving ladies, sip on lavender lemonade, and photosesh it up with a unicorn.

The venue itself was stunning. Fairy lights were strung up everywhere & evoked a magical ambiance. I felt like Alice arriving at a mystical tea party in the woods.

Wildflower Tea Shop supplied delicious hibiscus tea, and Sierra’s Cakewerks served up delectable cake balls - the earl grey was a fan favorite (I 100% regret not stuffing my purse with extra cakeballs and cookies).

If I’d had more time to prep for the event, I probably would have gone full throttle fairy princess (tulle ballgown, crown, the whole Pretty Pretty Princess kit & caboodle - and actually someone did show up like that..but she was also literally a Miss Tennessee beauty queen, sash & all). So instead, I dug through the depths of my closet & reached for something boho that was hiding in the back (as my wallet and husband exhaled a huge sigh of relief).

This Flynn Skye dress popped against the forest surroundings & was so breezy & comfortable for such a warm May day. The dress is simple yet still makes a statement with the off the shoulder detailing & bold color.

Sarah was a boho beauty in her maxi dress & was throwing some serious hippie princess vibes. Helloooooo Woodstock goddess!

Finally, the guest of honor decided to grace us with his majestical presence.

When else would I be able to take photos with a real live, living, breathing, magic-wielding unicorn? (Keep in mind this was my 6 year old brain talking. If you look at these & just see a horse with a horn, clearly we are not on the same level right now.)

We had so much fun basically living out our childhood dreams, and it was such a magical way to spend a milestone birthday (well, a slightly-past-milestone-birthday). 31 isn't much different than 30, but it's really true what they say. Age is just a number, and you're only as old as you feel. Right now, my heart feels pretty young, and I think that's the way it will stay...and that's pretty damn magical if you ask me.

Unicorn photos c/o Skye Blair Photography

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