We're All Mad Here! Dapper Day - Part Un

May 11, 2019

Let’s talk Dapper Day. If you’ve been following my blog for a while (or have seen any of my recent IG posts), you probably know I get super excited when anyone mentions Dapper Day. It combines 2 of my favorite things: vintage + Disney, and it’s basically like the Olympics of vintage fashion. 

If you are just showing up to this party and are hearing Charlie Brown’s wa-wa voice thing every time I mention Dapper Day, allow me to give you the super short Cliff Notes version: it’s a bi-annual unofficial weekend celebrated at both Disneyland in CA & out at WDW in FL (spring & fall) that pays homage to the Disney days of yesteryear – meaning, everyone gets dressed up for the parks like they would have done if this were the 1950s. No, no, we’re not talking all poodle skirts/bobby socks & Pink Ladies jackets (though a Grease-inspired Disney getup would be super adorable…hmmmm), but think more along the lines of circle skirts, patio dresses, and an endless sea of bowties & crinolines, though it’s not decade specific – you could see anything from 20s inspired looks to a hippie Rapunzel. 

But really, the outfit is 100% up for interpretation by the wearer – it’s just that the idea behind it is to dress like people would have back in the day (& that era is totally up to you!). People get super into it (like me) and often put a Disneybound spin on it, while others opt for staying more true-vintage & check the character inspiration at the door. No matter what people choose, one thing is certain: everyone has a cheery disposition and a great attitude. Compliments & smiles are handed out left & right, everywhere you look people are snapping the cutest photos, and many new friendships are forged. For all these reasons & more, Dapper Day weekend is one of my favorite times to visit Disney.

Circa spring 2017 - repping my Tinkerbell finest!
My first Dapper Day was spring of 2017, in which I showed up unintentionally solo (long story) but ended up having the best time and made some new Disney friends for life. I had a Tinkerbell outfit for the morning & then changed into a Tiana look for the afternoon. Most people don’t do 2 dapper looks on the same day, but we’ve established I’m not most people. This was prior to my AP, and Disney trips were much more sparse, so I was trying to maximize that content 😊 Of course, I had a blast in the process.

This year, I stuck with 1 look for Magic Kingdom and 1 look for Epcot. I started planning back in February, but changed my mind several times on what look I wanted to do. Since this was a family trip, I obviously had to get the whole fam involved, so I settled on an Alice in Wonderland theme for Saturday (MK) and Pooh & Friends for Sunday (Epcot). Unfortunately, my husband wasn’t super into the picture-taking aspect that heavily surrounds Dapper Day, so I didn’t get that many photos of all of us on Saturday, but I really loved our outfits! 

I sourced a true 1950s dress that had the most fun & colorful striped pattern that played so well for the Mad Tea Party, so I just went with it. I started with the dress as my inspiration & built the rest of the outfit around that. The belt came from Goodwill (gotta love 50 cent finds!) and I added some yellow puffy paint to it to look like the designs painted on the teacups. I added simple accessories like a Mad Tea Party pin and a dainty teapot/teacup necklace.

Peep that necklace!

I topped everything off with a DIY fascinator to really bring the look together. It was actually very simple to make and consists entirely of felt, a vinyl glitter sheet (for the fascinator base), and craft paint. I glued an alligator clip to the back so I could attach it to my hair and boom! Headpiece acquired! I already had the purple purse and yellow wedges in my closet, so I just incorporated those existing pieces into this look (free is always good)! 

I'm not above selfies :)

For Barry’s outfit, I knew I had to keep it simple. He wasn’t going to go all out in a full suit (nor would I ask him to in that heat! God bless the men that can handle that on Dapper Day), so we kept it light (literally) with a white button down, red suspenders, and a blue bowtie from a previous costume I had made him. Poof! The world's most subtle White Rabbit costume! I also made him the cutest hand painted pin, but it kept falling off, so I didn't get any good photos of my handiwork (insert WHY THOUGH emoji here). It's OK, boo - you still look good.

Lilly’s outfit was also pretty simple. I found the blue dress on Amazon (I think 90% of the things I buy these days come from Amazon) and I made the white lace apron from scraps of fabric and ribbon I had laying around. She had an adorable tea party headband that really would have tied in the whole theme, but being the rambunctious and opinionated toddler she is, she refused to wear it & kept ripping it off her cute little baby head, so I gave up trying. I think it was a glimpse into my imminent parenting future.

I reconnected with the 2 girls I had met on my first dapper day and also met some new ones! Meeting people (& also seeing everyone’s immense creativity) is one of my favorite things about Dapper weekend (also forcing our Instagram husbands to snap a million photos until we all agree on one that has good angles of all of us, which is no small feat).

Day 1 was so much fun, even though it was a much different experience than my very first Dapper Day, but I chalk that up to the tiny Minnie-me I was toting around all day. It's a bit more difficult to go rope-drop-to-Wishes (RIP) Happily Ever After, when you have a 16 month old. But she did much better than I expected! Next up is Epcot, so stay tuned for Part Deux!

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