Time for a little smackerel: Dapper Day Part Deux

May 14, 2019

Day 2 was at Epcot. We all did Pooh characters (well, we were all supposed to – Barry threw in the towel mid-morning on day 2, but he gets an A for effort & being a good sport). I went as Rabbit and Lilly had a Piglet theme going on. I had initially planned to wear this vintage square dance dress for my Tea Party outfit, but then I found the striped dress instead so I had to make other plans for this cute little yellow number. The more I looked at it, the more Rabbit came to mind, with the way the white ruffles ran down the middle. Rabbit is a character I had never bounded as before, so I thought, sure, why not!

I already had the pink belt in my closet (score!), so I just needed accessories. Does Lilly count? She made an adorable Piglet, but unfortunately, I didn't get any good photos of her in her complete outfit . She had the cutest pink gingham cupcake dress (which I would 100% wear if it came in adult sizes), and I Piglified it with pink grosgrain ribbon and a handmade matching bow (which lasted a solid 10 seconds. You fought hard, bow..). Photographing toddlers is an impossible feat.

The carrot bag and wire ears were Amazon finds (seriously, is there anything Amazon doesn't sell!?) and were big nods to who I was. I feel like Rabbit isn't a very well represented (ie. popular) character, so I can see how it could be very subtle, without the accessories. The carrot bag was cute but impossibly small and impractical. It didn't even fit my iPhone 8+, but to the bag's defense, the 8+ is a Godzilla of a phone and barely fit in any of my purses to begin with. But hey, that's what husbands are for, right? Here honey, let me just shove the entire contents of my oversized tote bag into your 2 small pockets, kthanks. 

I found the pin on eBay and immediately fell in love. It had Piglet (which reminded me of Lilly), and I liked that it was a "Garden Club" pin, something that I felt Rabbit would have worn proudly (& wear it proudly, I did!).

As we walked around Epcot, I noticed the UK area had Pooh topiaries and was thrilled that Rabbit was represented! So naturally, I had to stop & take some photos. Luckily, we had arrived early in the morning, and world showcase was practically empty. So that’s my pro Dapper tip for photos – come early! On our MK day, we were also there early and the park was so empty! We were able to check several attractions off our list within a matter of hours before the park started filling out.

If you get the chance to attend this (unofficial) event, I highly recommend it. And don’t skimp on the outfit! Dressing up for the parks beyond the normal tshirt+shorts combo is half of the fun (& point) of Dapper Day, so go full throttle and really get into it! I can’t wait for next year!

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