Chattalocal: Tea for Three

April 22, 2019

Happy Monday, friends! I thought I would share my Easter brunch look from yesterday and give y'all an inside look at one of the local tearooms here in Chattanooga. We spent our Easter at Mountain Oaks Tea Room, which is actually inside an old converted courthouse from 1913. Today, the venue is actually much more than just a tea room & hosts plenty of events, including weddings. They were offering a special Easter tea, so we couldn't resist. Surprisingly, this was all my husband's (last minute) idea and I was 100% on board (maybe I can get him to do the Grand Floridian tea with me, after all)!

Had I known ahead of time we would be on a one-way ticket to tea-town, I would have definitely donned a fancy hat or something over-the-top & more worthy of teatime, but we had come straight from the Coolidge Park egg hunt so I was more spring than anything. For my outfit, I did kind of a 60s/70s-inspired look and paired a bright yellow chiffon bell-sleeve dress with daisy sandals, a flower power crossbody bag, and sunglasses that would have made Elton John proud. If you guys saw my Beauty & the Beast post, you'll recognize this dress (yes, Kate Sanders. I'm an outfit repeater - and proud. And if you got that reference, we are kindred Disney Channel spirits).

Dress: Filly Flair (several seasons ago) but similar styles are Amazon ($34.99), Penny's ($42.99), and this steal of a deal from Shein ($10)

Bag: Agaci (last season), but similar styles via Amazon ($15.88) & Luxury ($47)

My honey-bunny Lilly was definitely decked out for tea, in her fancy rose-print dress with a built-in crinoline (does this come in my size?) Despite my efforts, she refuses all bows & headbands (for now), so she was just rockin' the dress, but still looked like an absolute doll. Then again, she's my child, so she could wear a potato sack & I would still eat her up.

Mountain Oaks is made up of several different little rooms, all with varying themes, but classic elegance is definitely the name of the game here. We were seated in one of the front rooms, just off the lobby, which was clearly inspired by the Southern queen herself, Scarlett O'Hara (it's actually called the Scarlett Room for a reason). Several portraits of her hung on the walls, and the vibe was definitely warm & inviting. You can check out some of the other rooms here. I think my next visit will have to include tea in the Queen's Room (fancy hats required).

Mountain Oaks offers several different everyday tea options, and they had a special brunch option with ham and traditional sides, but we opted for the classic "Courtyard Sampler," which came with pimento cheese, chicken salad, quiche, and a petite croissant. A special tea that was on rotation for the day was also served, which I loaded up with cream & sugar (the sweet tooth wants what it wants). Dessert was a choice of confetti cupcakes, carrot cake, or lemon pound cake with lemon curd. As soon as I heard the words "lemon curd," I was all in. You could smother that stuff on anything and I'd eat it (don't take that too literally. I definitely prefer it on cakes & scones. Breakfast has also taught me that it tastes delicious on waffles.)

After we stuffed our faces full of pimento cheese with a side of bougie atmosphere, we headed outside to explore the grounds. The morning had started off incredibly chilly (like 40 degree weather kind of chilly. #nothanks) but had turned into the most perfect and comfortably breezy day. Mountain Oaks has a beautiful patio and courtyard, and while it wasn't open for seating during the time we were there, I expect they do open it up to guests on certain days or for overflow seating. Next time I'm there, I'm claiming my throne under the tree for tea (ignore my Casper legs. It has been a long winter).

The garden was throwing some serious Alice in Wonderland vibes (& now my head is spinning with future ideas)! I was so happy the hubs chose this place to surprise me with tea & was totally game for it. The staff was incredibly friendly and were loving on Lilly, and it was so refreshing to feel that true southern hospitality. I will definitely be back, and if you are in the Chattanooga area or here for a visit, put this place on your list! It's great for a girls day, a quick pop-in for a spot of tea (had to go there), or even for a romantic brunch/lunch with your S.O. You won't regret it! 

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