To All the Girls I've Loved Before: Galentines Gift Guide

February 9, 2019

Valentines Day is almost here & if you're anything like me (procrastinator. HOLLA!), you still haven't done any prep, unless you count stuffing your face with chocolate as Valentines prepping. So here I am, putting together a gift guide while simultaneously online shopping and compiling all the things I'm going to run out & buy, wrap up in pretty paper, and then top it all off with some sort of super fancy DIY'ed bow (ie. future Pinterest fail. Stay tuned). But we've already discussed that I'm a natural born procrastinator, so we all know none of that will happen. It will go something more like this: Amazon Prime 2 days before V-day + dollar store gift bags...but you know, with the ribbon curl, because I'm classy like that. Take that Pinterest!

So for those of you who plan to go all Martha Stuart on me with your annoyingly perfect handcrafted gifts with the elaborate too-cute-to-open wrapping paper, stop right here. I love you & your chunky hand-knitted vegan certified-organic wool scarf, but sometimes a girl just wants wine and a badass pair of sunglasses. So for those of you, like moi, who need some ideas as a jumping off point for what you plan to Amazon Prime last minute, here's a gift guide to get you going. I'll be over here sipping my rosé and silently judging the rest of you (mostly because I'm jealous I can't Martha Stuart my way through this holiday, too).

If you need a gift for your besties (or frenemies. No judgement), you can't go wrong with literally anything on this list. It obviously doesn't have to be these exact items/brands/styles, but if your friends don't enjoy books, coffee, or should probably find new friends (kidding! Kind of). If you're already in love with everything on this list, you're in luck, because most of it is available on Amazon (I got you, fam). And before you say it, no, this post was not sponsored by Amazon (or Target - lots of name dropping up ahead). I don't need any incentives to discuss my epic love for all things Prime + Targé :)

In no particular order:

  • Starbucks card ("This isn't what I wanted" - said no one ever; except maybe my husband.)
  • Himalayan salt heart massage stone (not entirely sure what it does, but it will look pretty in your bath Instagrams)
  • Whiskey in a Teacup book (BECAUSE REESE.)
  • Rose sheet mask (I just really like the scent of roses. And sheet masks are usually cheap)
  • Sea salt & cocoa bath bombs (for when you want to take a bougie bath)
  • Betty & Veronica tee (For all you Gen Z'ers - Riverdale was not the birth of Archie, Betty & Veronica. There used to be these paper things called comics and they were amazing.)
  • Heart drop earrings (because Target is sold out of the Sugarfix Bauble Bar ones, but I found a dupe. You're welcome.)
  • Mini Lindor chocolates ($1 at Target. Pro tip: buy 3 bags because you will eat 2 of them)
  • Cateye sunnies (so you can pretend the world is rosegold all the time and that things like credit card bills & rent don't exist)
  • Pixi Beauty Glow Tonic (but in the travel size from Target. Sorry, friends. I'm not blowing my galentine budget on a full size. I have chocolate & wine to buy for you, too).
  • Pink wine (for you budget babes like me, Aldi's has some really good cheap wine. Slap a printable label over it & no one will know. Unless your friends are reading this too.)

Now that you've got your meat & potatoes of your BFF gift, you need a cute bag to put it all in (please don't put actual meat & potatoes in said bag. I mean, unless you're into that sort of thing. You do you, I guess?) You can do an easy DIY like this hatbox (literally it's a box from Hobby Lobby that I painted) or you can just hit up TJ Maxx because their gift wrap section is trés chic & they usually have some pretty adorable stuff. Then just top it off with an actual Valentine; you know, of the card variety (usually Dollar Tree for me, because I'm not about to spend $10 for a card that pops out at me, sings a song, and then sprays me with glitter). 

So there you have it, ladies! Putting together a little treasure box of goodies for your besties can be pretty simple & affordable. You can pick & choose just 2 or 3 items from some of the stuff suggested, or go all in and really spoil your girls.

But really, even if you don't do the whole gifting thing and just want to slip your BFFL an elementary school style cartoon Valentine (vintage. I dig it), it's the thought that counts. Make sure you tell all the people that matter that you love them this V-day...then wait until the 15th and buy all the discount candy for yourself.

Happy Valentines, friends!

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