Chattalocal: White (mochas) after Labor Day at Provisions Coffee

January 10, 2019

If you know anything at all about me or have ever even glanced at my Instagram, you know I pretty much have a cup of coffee permanently glued to my hand at all times. No really. I’m like Mary Poppins & can pull a venti iced white mocha on command from the depths of my handbag. So naturally if there is a new spot in town for coffee, I am all about it. 

Recently I checked out the new Edwin hotel (read more here) & discovered the cutest new little coffee shop - Provisions. The name evokes (in my 90s-childhood brain) imagery of the Oregon Trail game, where players could purchase supplies & food for the long treacherous journey (there are 2 types of people in this world: those who ford the river & those who take the ferry across). I feel like Provisions is definitely the former because coffee is very much a “you can do this!” kind of drink (unlike tequila, which sometime says the same thing, but is FULL OF LIES).

Provisions is located just inside the Edwin Hotel and offers up the usual coffee shop fare like lattes & teas, along with a bake case with assorted sandwiches and sweet treats. There's not really anywhere to sit in the actual cafe itself, but there's a seating area just outside the shop, with the cutest decor (but I'd expect nothing less from the Edwin). You can also take your coffee and chill in the lobby just on the other side, where you'll find the fabulous blue velvet dome chairs.

I ordered an iced vanilla latte & then we headed outside since the day was beautiful. I proceeded to chant “don’t trip, don’t trip, don’t trip” the entire time because I stupidly wore all white & stilettos & could see that going very, very badly as I teetered around outside on the textured brick street (spoiler alert: I didn’t trip. And I know you’re slightly disappointed).

Pea Coat: similar here & here | Sweater: Forever 21 (last season); similar here | Nude heels: Agaci (sold out), similar here 

Which brings me to the other point of this post: white after Labor Day (I definitely just typed “white after Labor Labor” - it’s midnight & my 9:30pm bedtime usual self is delirious at this point). Is it too late for coffee? That requires actually getting out of bed though, & it’s really nice & cozy right now. Then I might be too wired to sleep, but really I feel like my brain kind of goes a mile a minute anyway sometimes when my focus should be elsewhere. Ok getting off my tangent now. What were we talking about?

Right! Is “no white after Labor Day” still a thing? Was it ever even really a thing? I’ve never followed any of those faux-rules anyway, so I say just do whatever makes you happy. You can absolutely wear white any time you damn well please. I decided to go monochromatic & style a look all in white. To keep my look interesting. I wanted to play with varying shades & textures. I started with a pair of simple white jeans & added the fur striped sweater to mix it up. I topped it off with a cream pea coat, a pair of nude heels, & a simple longline necklace.

I think white is perfect for winter & you can create some really fun looks with it, whether you’re doing brunch with friends, heading to the office, or going out for a night on the town. If you want to mix it up, try styling an all-white outfit but add a bold pop of color, like a bright pair of heels or a fun patterned clutch. Just be conscious of your footwear choices when wearing head-to-toe white if you plan on double-fisting your coffee. And beware the cobblestone street! 

Happy sipping!

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