Underneath the Lovely London Sky: A Mary Poppins Disneybound Look

January 31, 2019

When I first heard that Mary Poppins was getting a revival, my initial reaction was pure skepticism. But once I saw the trailers, I was intrigued. After I saw the film, I was hooked. I left the theater still humming the songs from the film, bought the soundtrack a few days later, and have listened to it on a loop in my car on several occasions.

Let’s rewind a little: Mary Poppins returns is not a “remake.” It’s an entirely different plot than that of it’s predecessor & takes place in the 30s, when the Banks children are all grown up. While there are similarities (& a few Easter eggs & nods to the original), its a completely standalone film that still embodies the spirit & whimsy of the original. 

 Mary Poppins has always been a long time favorite of mine (clearly. I’ve dressed as MP characters several times now, like this Bert dapperbound & this Jolly Holiday look), and the sequel was no exception: I absolutely loved it - the animated scenes, the soundtrack, and of course, the fashion. So putting together a Mary Poppins Returns look was an obvious choice.

Navy coat: H&M (sold out); similar here | Booties: Cicihot

For this look, I was inspired by Mary’s color palette of rich reds & deep blues & her subtle use of polka dots & patterns. My dress is a vintage 1970s polka dot midi dress that I cinched with a red belt (the same red belt that’s seen many-a-outfit). I added a velvet ribbon bow tie (DIY!) & layered on a navy wool coat. 

For accessories, I went for a floppy burgundy hat & matching booties, and a pair of polka dot gloves. I topped everything off with a clutch in Mary’s signature carpet bag style & of course, the all important umbrella. This whole ensemble cost well under $50 & is a completely do-able look on a budget. Aside from the price tag, one of the other things I love about this outfit is that I can wear it to the office (sans bow tie & no one would probably even know I was disneybounding as Mary)!

Gloves: eBay | Floppy hat: Amazon | Carpet bag clutch: thrifted (similar here)

I also got the chance to collaborate on this shoot with Lindsey Clark Photography & we had fun shooting in a little townhouse neighborhood that gave me total Cherry Tree Lane vibes (& ironically was named Cherry Street). We also shot some photos at one of Chattanooga’s most iconic locations: the walking bridge. If you’ve ever strolled across this bridge on a weekend or evening, you know how rare it is to have an empty shot like this! We must have hit the sweet spot with the timing & the weather! 

It was overcast & grey, but I was into it - it was very “lovely London sky” kind of weather (if you’ve seen the film, you’ll totally get that reference). I can’t wait for more fun collabs & practically perfect looks in the future.

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