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October 12, 2018

I've always been such a Sex & the City fan. I've seen all the seasons, own both movies, and I pretty much worship Carrie Bradshaw & her impeccable style. When I have a closet that rivals hers, complete with a floor-to-ceiling shelf full of designer shoes, I'll know I've made it, but I'm still playing little league over here, with my tiny shared closet and TJ Maxx finds - but that doesn't stop me from filling it with pieces that bring me happiness & a little SATC flair!

And since it's October, the month of dressing up as other characters, what better time to showcase some SATC style? I can identify with all of the characters on some level, and while Carrie Bradshaw is my style muse, I wanted to pay homage to 2 of my other favorite characters, Charlotte & Samantha (sorry, Miranda)!

Similar Charlotte-esque dresses here & here

If I had to describe Charlotte, I would say classy, chic, and girly. Her looks are generally very "work appropriate" and not over-the-top. She goes for very timeless pieces but they always have a little edge to them. So for this look, which I could totally rock at the office, I chose a simple tulip-hem dress in a fun print. I had to go with a classic black & white color palette, with a pop of pink. The overcoat is actually a vintage 1960s pink trench, and I am living for it. I felt very Jackie O. in it! Mixing vintage pieces of yesteryear with modern style is one of my favorite ways to shake up my look.

Truth be told, I have no idea where I got this dress. It's been hanging in my closet for so long, all I can remember is that I bought it from some random online boutique, but I've linked some similar options!

I kept it simple with the shoes and went for a tried & true single-strap sandal - every girl should have a pair of these in her closet. Don't get me wrong - give me all the fluffy pom pom heels, spiked pumps, and fringed-out-wedges too, but you just can't go wrong by keeping it classic & simple sometimes.

Pink coat: vintage | similar here (new) & here (vintage)

And what kind of Charlotte could I be if I didn't top this look off with a set of pearls? Faux, of course, because your girl does not own a set of real ones (yet) - someone tell my husband! I also added the pink alligator envelope clutch for a bit of an edge. Gotta love mixing patterns & textures!

For the Samantha look, I wanted my outfit to be playful, flirty, and have bold colors. I've worn this pleated swing dress a few times (peep this post, here), and knew it would go great for a Samantha-inspired look. Hi, my name isn't Lizzie McGuire, but I am an outfit repeater. Kate Sanders would be appalled, but Samantha would approve.

Pleated swing dress - unknown; comparable (in a fun color!) here

Samantha is all about being loud, proud, and bold. When I think of her, I think of statement jewelry and pieces that really stand out. Samantha is definitely not one to blend into a crowd! I love the bright yellow on this dress and wanted to contrast that with the blue shoes. You can't tell from the photos, but the toe strap is snakeskin - very Sam! The airiness of the dress was flirty & fun, and I really think it captured Sam's spirit.

For the accessories, I had to go bold. I don't own any earrings that are too, too  crazy, but I did find these cobalt Aztec-inspired earrings, and I added a gold tassel chain necklace to complete the look. Now that I think about it, this whole outfit seems like something Samantha would have packed to accompany Carrie & the girls to Mexico in the first movie.

In case you can't tell, this isn't NYC (yeah, like you ever thought for a hot second this backdrop could be somewhere in Manhattan, right?) but even here in my little slice of the South, I manage to find some pretty swanktastic places. The Chattanooga Choo Choo is one of my favorite stomping grounds because of the outdoor space. I'm usually roaming around the courtyard, wandering through the lobby, and sauntering up to the bar at Stir, located just next door.

Stir is one of those places that could easily, without a doubt, fit right in to the hip downtown vibe of Manhattan. Stir is known for their oysters, "artisanal ice," and their cocktails. What is artisanal ice you may ask? Yeah, I have no idea but google says its a new trend in the craft cocktail world where the ice is produced through a laborious process of freezing and carving (an elaborate way of saying they serve spherical ice here). I'm new to this whole fancy ice business, and I'm not 100% sure I buy into the fact that making ice a certain ways makes the cocktail any better, but maybe that's just my Carrie Bradshaw skepticism talking. You know homegirl Samantha would be alllllllll about that sphere ice (& would probably be making lewd jokes about having balls in her whiskey glass).

The first thing you’ll notice when you walk in (aside from how high the ceiling is) is the bar. I love how the light filters in through the huge windows, illuminating all the brightly colored bottles. And yes, that's a ladder. The booze is so incredibly top-shelf, you have to literally climb steps to reach it. It doesn't get much swankier than this, my friends!

The menu features several different kinds of craft cocktails, but if you’re not feeling any of the selections, just ask your bartender to whip up something from one of the numerous types of liquor they have available. I opted for the CoCo Choo Choo: aged rum, dry gin, grapefruit & orange juice, and coconut cream. Think of the CoCo Choo Choo as the pina colada’s sophisticated older sister. It was delicious and refreshing, and at $12 per drink, you'll not only feel like a New Yorker, you'll spend like one too (but really, so worth it)!

If you’re not fully committed to the idea of the $12 cocktail, stop in for happy hour. Every Monday-Friday from 4-6:30, you can sidle up to the bar and sample the flavors Stir has to offer – without breaking the bank. Draft beers are $4 and wines are $2 off per glass, but opt for the weekly craft cocktail special, which is $7. The happy hour menu also features $1.50 tacos, $1.50 sliders and $1 oysters. I am not an oyster fan, so I passed on those, but I highly recommend the tacos. If tacos and beer were part of a well balanced diet, I would indulge every day, but since I like fitting into my skinny jeans, I’ll settle for the occasional culinary splurge.

Let’s just discuss this masterpiece right here (cue the angels singing). These Baja beauties feature fried fish, salsa, pico, picked red onion, cilantro and cotija cheese. I ordered the appetizer version for lunch for myself but its plenty to share if you’re looking for something to just nibble on (I ate 3 on my own – I begrudgingly gave away one of my prized tacos to Barry so he could taste-test for himself.) We also ordered the truffle fries. Again, not super educated on what truffle oil really is, but it tastes good on fries. Stir’s take on truffle fries was pretty good, but it ain’t got nothin’ on Flying Squirrel’s garlic truffle fries. I’m swooning just thinking about them. (Side note: bring mints. Or mouthwash. Or continue drinking until your breath just smells like a liquor store & no one can detect your garlic breath anymore.)

I hear their oysters are delicious, so if you’re more of a slimy-I’m-not-entirely-sure-what-I’m-eating kind of person who wouldn’t mind finding the occasional pea crab in your oyster, go for it. I’ll be at the end of the bar dressed like Samantha Jones, sipping my $12 cocktail, stuffing my face with tacos and silently judging you. And no, you can’t have a bite.


  1. I love the Samantha dress. The crab ravioli and filet at Stir is divine.

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