Castle Countdown: How to Get Hyped for your Disney Vacation

September 4, 2018

Big Bow Ears: Ears by Ray | Bag: Yours Truly! | Invitation Itinerary: Jasmine Victoria
Half the fun (for me) of a Disney trip is the months of planning that goes into it. My type A personality delights in typing itineraries & planning outfits. Trip planning builds anticipation and gives me something to look forward to & something to work towards. So naturally, every time I have an upcoming trip (15 days left!!!), the intense  planning must commence!

There are so many ways to get excited for a vacation: from everything to researching your destination to DIYing some magical accessories, here's my list of the top 10 11 ways to make it through that castle countdown.

1. Watch the Disney planning DVD
They're incredibly cheesy, but this was the numero uno way I would always get super pumped for a trip. The planning DVDs are free & you can order one here.

2. Shop small for Disney products & ears 
There are literally THOUSANDS of small shops out there, all with unique products to add some pixiedust to your trip. Some of my favs include: Pixie Dust Bowtique, Main Street Printing Co., and Sweet Cozy Cafe. I also run my own shop, Second Star Co. if you're looking for apparel, ears, coffee cozies or vintage (helloooooo Dapper Day)!!

3. Plan your outfits 
I do outfit changes in the parks to maximize the amount of content I can grab on any given trip. It annoys my husband but such is the life of a blogger! I also like to know what I'm wearing for the day when I get up in the morning, so having it planned out means I'll spend less time staring at a rack of clothes trying to figure out what to wear!

4. Plan your dining experiences & fast passes 
These days with ADRs, you kind of have to if you have your heart set on eating somewhere specific. There isn't much spontaneity left when it comes to dining. If you don't plan these ahead, you run the risk of having to eat quick service your entire trip if your chosen restaurant can't accommodate walk-ups.

5. Listen to Disney music & podcasts
I do this even when I don't have a trip planned! My fav podcasts are DIS Unplugged & Disney Girls Podcast.

6. Watch Disney movies 
Also good any time, trip or no trip! The ones I'll watch over & over are Tangled, Moana, and Peter Pan.

7. Check out Disney vlogs on YouTube & Disney style blogs 
I'm living for Emily EnchantedStyled By Magic right now.

8. Browse IG for Disney pics & scope out ideas 
I've discovered so many things I wouldn't have known otherwise, from little known photo spots to where to try trendy snacks or buy new park merch, researching stuff through IG is a great way to stumble upon something new.

9. Make an itinerary 
It kind of goes hand in hand with ADRs. I tend to look up extra magic hours to first plan which days I'll be at what parks, & then base my dining decisions around which park we'll be at.

10. Download a countdown app 
I like "Countdown for Disney" but there are so many out there. Just be prepared to compulsively check this on the reg! :)

11. BONUS: DIY magic!

Getting creative with some DIY projects can be a great way to not only get excited for your trip, but to give you some things to take with you on your adventures. Even if you don't have a a crafty bone in your body, if you own a hot glue gun & have any hand-eye coordination whatsoever, you can DIY some pretty adorable stuff. Thank god for things like Pinterest that give us all sorts of ideas for projects! Since I have a trip coming up in September, I knew I wanted a cute bag to take to the parks at night or to Disney Springs (you know, when I'm done doing 500 outfit changes & can swap my huge backpack for a dainty cross body).

The original idea came from a vlog I saw on YouTube (watch it here), but it's just too cute and WAY too easy for me not to share. Here's what you'll need:
Any bag you like (shop my plain black lunchbox style here), patches, hot glue, & a few extra accessories (so your bag can be - well...extra!) Make sure the material of your chosen bag will lend itself well to hot glue (you want a sturdy bag that holds its shape).

First, arrange your patches how you want them on the bag. Next, hot glue those suckers! 

Finally, add any finishing touches such as keychains (like this Minnie pom pom one or Mickey hand), bandanas, & purse charms. Then stand back & ooh and aah over your pièce de résistance! Now you're ready to hit the parks in style!

Qupid Gingham Heels: Buckle | Polka dot dress: Similar here or here | Mickey hand keychain: eBay

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