A Trip Through The Hundred Acre Wood: Winnie-the-Pooh Exhibit at the High Museum of Art, ATL

August 28, 2018

Winnie-the-Pooh has always been ingrained in my childhood. Growing up, I had a collection of miniature books featuring all the classic Pooh characters, as well as the beloved hardcopy seen towards the end of this post. I had a Pooh plush as a kid, that I have since passed on to my own daughter, Lilly (I hope she loves him as much as I did). I had several Pooh VHS tapes, and I remember watching Welcome To Pooh Corner on Disney channel, back when they ran shows like Duck Tales & Gummi Bears. So when I heard there was a Pooh exhibit, I knew I had to check it out.

Winnie-the-Pooh: Exploring A Classic is an limited time exhibit at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta, GA, originally brought over from the Victoria & Albert Museum in London. It features original illustrations, sketches, and concept art by E. H. Shepard and explores the legacy of A. A. Milne, and his creation of the Winnie-the-Pooh characters. It spotlights more than 200 works, spanning 90 years, of Pooh history, including letters, manuscripts, toys, and even some fashion sprinkled in (there were Pooh Vans & an adorable Winnie-print dress that had me swooning).

Upon walking into the exhibit, we were greeted by a scene of the Hundred Acre Wood & a bridge that looked as if it had popped right off the pages of one of A.A. Milne's beloved stories (because, well, it did!). Drawings lined the walls, and a projector animated the river below the bridge. According to the stories, this is where Pooh & Christopher Robin would play "Poohsticks" - a game played on a bridge over running water where each player drops a stick into the upstream side of the bridge, and the one whose stick first appears on the downstream side, is the winner (apparently there is a World Poohsticks Championship held annually in the UK)! With the projector, you could play a virtual version of Poohsticks here. This room also featured a beautiful installation of colorful umbrellas floating above a mural of Christopher Robin.

Yes, I Disneybounded :) I'm never one to miss an opportunity!

The next part of the exhibit took us upstairs to the second floor. Giant illustrations lined the walls of the exhibit, intermingled with smaller framed sketches and original hand drawn illustrations in various mediums. Life-size illustrated trees were situated in the center of the room, and there was a little art table with pencils where kids (& adults, too!) could sketch right onto the table. The exhibit was put together in such a way that they really brought the history of Pooh to life.

The third area of this exhibit was a small room off to the side that featured a lot of Pooh memorabilia - everything from original storybooks and figurines, to plush toys showing the evolution of Pooh's look, as well as a few Disney-fied Pooh items.

Peep those Vans & that dress though! Sadly, I don't think this Cath Kidston dress is being sold anymore.
The last room was all about A.A. Milne and his life. There were several photographs displayed, along with Steiff teddy bears, just like the one Christopher Milne had. My favorite illustration from this exhibit, found in this room, was the map of the Hundred Acre Wood.

We spent maybe an hour looking through everything, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading through the history of Pooh's creators, and getting to really delve into that world. Because I love expressing myself through fashion (& never miss an occasion to dress for a theme), I went all-out and decided to Disneybound as Pooh, & surprisingly, I wasn't the only one. It all started with a simple pair of earrings I found on Amazon, and everything came together from there. I can't find this exact Forever21 dress online, but I've linked some similar options.

Tigger coffee cozy: Second Star Co.

Dress: Forever21 (similar here & here) | Earrings: Amazon | Scallop Satchel: ASOS (sold out; similar)

Rosegold bee necklace: Amazon
This was such a fun way to spend a Saturday, and I enjoyed sharing it with Lilly (even though she slept through half of it). It inspired so much nostalgia for me, and getting to dress up in my Winnie garb and be transported right into the stories, made me feel like a kid again. I hope there will be more exhibits and installations like this in the future, and I will definitely keep my eye out for the next one!

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