Flower Gleam & Glow: A Trip to the Sunflower Fields of Chattanooga

July 22, 2018

While I'm really a sunshine state soul trapped in the confines of East Tennessee, I will admit that this state does have some truly natural beauty. You can't argue with the rolling hills, the sprawling mountain ranges, and the endless wildflower fields that stretch on & on. Being out in nature that awe inspiring can really, well, bring you down to earth! It's far too often I get distracted by everyday life, technology/social media, and the need to "keep up with the Joneses" if you will. Sometimes it's nice to just spend a day out in the real world (even so, still have to document it! I know, I know - kind of defeats the purpose it seems, doesn't it?)

Over the weekend the fam & I trekked out to the sunflower fields. One year ago, we were here for the first time, back when I was just a couple months into my pregnancy. This year, I decided to - of course - do a subtle Disneybound & get some cute family photos at the same time. Since we were going to a field of beautiful sunflowers, I felt Punzie was the obvious choice. Unfortunately, the heat had gotten to the sunflowers before we did, so a lot of them were, um, a bit parched to say the least - but beautiful nonetheless to see those sunflowers stretching on for miles in all directions!

Low quality pics, but still have to share! It's quite challenging shooting in direct sunlight with my broken iPhone 5S!

For this look, I went with a simple lavender swing dress. I love dresses like this for their simplicity and airiness - they are perfect for hot summer days (& oh man, was it hot!) I added this Mickey tassel necklace and flower crossbody to continue the flower theme. And what's a summer outfit with a giant in-your-face sunhat?

Bag: Agaci (sold out), Similar: Michael Kors | Bracelet: Magic Main Street

Mickey Tassel Necklace: Second Star Co.

Dress: Zulily

What a difference a year makes :)

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