Thirty, Flirty, & Thriving: A Colorful Birthday Look

June 13, 2018

Flashing back to when I first saw Thirteen Going On Thirty, I remember thinking, "30 is old!" & picturing myself as a 30 year old just felt weird. I could only see the general idea of it, blurry & out of focus. What would 30 be like? What would I have accomplished by then? 

If you asked 20 year old me what I envisioned for 30, she would have said something like: living a fabulous life in a fancy high rise apartment & making $BANK$. She'd have a wardrobe straight out of the pages of a fashion magazine & jetset around the world, all the while chronicling her adventures through photojournalism & gossiping about her adventures over mimosas & brunch. Girl needed to slow her roll because apparently she thought I was going to grow up to be Carrie Bradshaw.

I made one of those "30 Before 30" lists way back when. You know, the ones where you list off ridiculous things you know you'll never do but get totally high off the thought of accomplishing all these monumental tasks? Like "travel to a foreign country" (does Epcot count?), "read a different book every month for a year" (you mean take a whole year to finish the same book?), or "get a tattoo" (ok, check! But it was temporary..)

But it's not all failed attempts & forgotten hopes. I did get to live my dream & accomplish some of the goals on that list because I got married, bought a house & a car, and the pinnacle of that list - became a mom before 30 (goodbye Carrie Bradshaw, hello June Cleaver!)

My 30 is leggings, grungy tshirts covered in spit up & drool, waking up at 5:00 AM on a daily basis, & juggling 3 jobs: the office, mom life, & an online business. 30 is red wine & coffee stains, getting excited about showering & trips to Costco, and falling asleep before 9:30 (ie. passing out from sheer exhaustion. Or too many glasses of wine. Probably both.) But 30 is also snuggling a sleepy baby, first family vacations, & settling into the biggest role I've ever taken on. I haven't gotten everything right & I'm far from perfect, but I think I'm doing OK for myself - and that deserved to be celebrated.

So I picked out a cute outfit that made me feel young(er - because 30 really is NOT old), and headed downtown with my husband & baby in tow. This has become one of my favorite outfits because it's so playful and fun! The skirt is vintage & has some definite rainbow cake & balloons vibes going on. Since it was high waisted, I paired it with a sweet yellow crop top (shop the top here). I added this boater hat (that I can't get enough of) & my new Kate Spade bag, which was a 30th birthday gift from the hubs. 

We went out for lunch & then grabbed ice cream after from the new Clumpies downtown. That night was low key & we stayed in & binged on birthday cake & Netflix. I pretty much eat cake on a regular basis, even when it's not my birthday. Cake is in my namesake & I probably bleed frosting at this point, honestly.

So cheers to 30! I'm entering a new chapter in my life, one that is both scary but welcomed. I may not have turned out as a fabulous Carrie Bradshaw type, but at least I don't plan on giving up dressing like her anytime soon (I'll just stick to storing my shoes in the closet instead of the oven).

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