Rooftop Hop: Rooftop Bar Hopping in Nashville

June 22, 2018

If cities were women, Chattanooga is a crunchy/outdoorsy back country roads kind of girl & Nashville is her trendy/hipster southern bell of an older sister. I definitely consider myself to fit more into the latter category & if given the choice between rock climbing/hiking/(insert various other outdoor activity here that requires sweating), I'd much rather post up at a brewery or restaurant & imbibe (hey, I'm outdoorsy! I drink my rosé on the patio like a classy dame!)

One thing Chattanooga lacks, but Nashville has an abundance of, is the quintessential rooftop bar. There's something about enjoying a strong cocktail with a side of city skyline that just makes you feel like the pinnacle of cool. Enter the rooftop lounge at the chic Bobby Hotel. First off, there's a pool. And a bus. And they are both on the roof (but the pool isn't ON the bus, because that would just be ludicrous, right? idea ever?) While the pool is reserved for guests of the hotel - which will set you back a measly $400/night but NBD - anyone is welcome to stop by the lounge for a drink (& play pretend that you're on vacation.)

You can take your pick of seating & park it at the bar or one of the high tops, or hop on the deconstructed open-air bus (maybe you'll get the coveted drivers seat). There's also additional seating on the other side of the lounge, back behind the bar if you're looking for a more relaxed atmosphere & the views here are top notch.

 The evening we went was hot & humid (welcome to every day in the south), so I donned an off the shoulder romper to stay cool & paired it with my boater hat to keep the sun off my face (because no one wants a sunglasses tan!) I ended up looking kind of like a trendy millennial version of Little Debbie, but whatever. I'm into it. I should have crammed some snack cakes in my clutch for later. Missed opportunities, ladies. Missed. Opportunities.

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After we had our fill of $14 cocktails (because damn Nashville, you are PROUD of your drinks), we hopped on over to Rare Bird, another rooftop bar, this time atop the 13th floor of Hotel Noelle. After a 4 hour elevator ride (seriously, slowest elevator ever), the doors opened, the angels sang, & we were greeted with an open air bar with a packed patio. There was a lot more shade here than our first stop, so I could maintain my chic Little Debbie style instead of turning into a melted zebra cake.

We sidled up to the bar & snagged the last few open seats. I opted for a craft brew instead of another cocktail with ingredients I couldn't pronounce (& a beer was a little friendlier on the wallet). Rare Bird offers plenty of local brews if you want to sample something unique to Nashville (Southern Grist, Jackelope, TN Brew Works...). We didn't try any of the food, but the menu did sound pretty tasty.

 We decided after 2 rooftop bars that it would be a smart move to fill our bellies with some actual sustenance, so we hightailed it to Mockingbird for dinner, home of the famous "punching bag" drink (it's as if Capri Sun & booze had a baby). We didn't imbibe, but if you want to continue your rooftop hop (because #liquiddinner, right?), here's a list of some other equally wonderful & fabulous Nashvillian rooftop bars - just be sure to stuff some Little Debbies in your purse for later ;)
  • The George Jones 
  • Acme Feed & Seed
  • L27
  • L.A. Jackson

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