A Most Peculiar Mademoiselle: Disneybounding as Belle in Nashville

June 6, 2018

Let's talk books! These days, it's hard for me to find the time to read. Between taking care of Lilly, and simultaneously working my 9-5 office job, plus keep up with my side business, Second Star Co. (& now adding a blog into the mix!), I stay pretty busy trying to maintain my status of #girlboss. But now that it's almost summer, that means vacation - and for me, vacation is synonymous with reading. Although the first day of summer isn't until mid June, and my mini beach vacation isn't until July, I've already got my summer reading list ready to go (& all my vacation outfits as well. Shout out to all my fellow outfit planners!) You know homegirl is counting down the days until I'm sitting pretty on a white sand beach with a strawberry daiquiri in one hand and a juicy novel in the other. 

But since I'm still a good 5-6 hours away from the closest beach, the next best place - and probably more obvious - for a photo sesh inspired by the written word is the stunning Nashville public library. Can you guess who this look was inspired by? Major side eye if you can't instantly tell...

Nashville's library is beautiful with its sprawling reading room & floor-to-ceiling windows, a grand staircase, and a tranquil courtyard fit for - well, a princess! This library would probably make Belle herself jealous! Hopefully one day when I make my first million (ha, a girl can dream!), I can just go ahead & build a replica of the library from the movie. But until then, I'll settle for wandering the stacks of the library.

For this look, I paired my lace up rose heels with a fun 60s inspired "Belle" sleeve dress (I don't want none unless you got puns, hun!). My dress was originally from Filly Flair, but it's last season. There are tons of comparables out there, but here are 3 of my favorites.

Splurge (left): Nicole Miller, $138; Major save (middle): Dresslily, $20.28; Budget-conscious (right): Donna Morgan, $54.99

The shoes, however, you can shop here! These are some of my absolutely favorite heels, and are the perfect complement to any Belle disneybound. But no Belle outfit would be complete without her favorite accessory - a book! Gear up for summer with these fun reads:
  • Marriage Vacation by Pauline Turner Brooks - if you're a Younger fan, you will instantly recognize that title + author. I'm a pretty big fan of the show, so when I heard they were coming out with the actual book published by Liza's firm, I put in my pre-order ASAP!
  • The Vacationers by Emma Straub - this book was all over Instagram a couple summers ago, so I'm a little behind the curve on this one, but nonetheless excited to read about what goes down on the 2 week trip a family takes to the Balearic island of Mallorca (that's off the coast of Spain, if you're wondering - because I had no idea until I googled it. But OH MY STARS, look at that water!)
  • Love & Gelato by Jenna Evans Welch - I'll admit that the cute cover art was what initially attracted me to this book, but one quick glance at the back cover premise and I was hooked. This is the fiction novel you get when you combine 1 part Italy with 2 parts romance and a dash of adventure. I mean, plus there's gelato. What more do you need?

What's your favorite summer read? Drop a title in the comments!

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