The Jolliest Holiday: Making my Own Dapper Day in Chattanooga Part II

May 18, 2018

I remember watching Mary Poppins as a kid and oohing and aahing over the Jolly Holiday scene. I adored the bright colors of the carousel horses, the playfulness of the dancing penguins, and the catchy song that would get stuck in my head for hours. I remember thinking how pretty Mary looked in her Jolly Holiday finest and wished I could wear her signature red & white dress. Flash forward 15+ years, and my childhood dreams came true at Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party when Barry & I dressed as Bert & Mary. Our costumes were so good in fact, that we got in trouble for taking photos with some small children because we were "too legit" & people thought we were the OG characters instead of partygoers!

Having bounded as Mary already, I knew that I wanted to try Bert next. His outfit is just as fun, with its brightly colored stripe blazer in hues of red & orange with turquoise accents. Naturally, I wanted to put a dapper spin on it, so when I found this gem of a 1960s picnic dress, I immediately knew I had to genderbend disneybound as Bert.

And what better place to Bert-bound than on a carousel? We headed to Coolidge Park in Chattanooga to get some photos on the carousel. Unfortunately, it was prom weekend and the park was crawling with people, and everyone had the same idea of taking photos at the park. The carousel was packed, so we opted to just photo-sesh in front of it instead.

For my accessories, I DIYed the boater hat by gluing some red, orange, and yellow bias tape around the rim. I found the cutest turquoise tassel earrings by Sugarfix & thought they would be perfect to accent the dress (shop the earrings here). The bowtie belt was a quick DIY as well - I just used some hotglue to make a bow shape and pinned it to a white belt I already had. The fun lace up wedges came from one of my favorite online shopping sites, Agaci & you can snag a pair here (they also come in pink!). They're actually very comfortable, and I could totally see myself wearing them to the parks - for a few hours, at least!

I had so much fun with this look & can't wait to do more fun vintage style disneybounds in the future!

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