T-teach Me How To Dapper: Dapper Day in Chattanooga, Part I

May 4, 2018

Let's talk Dapper Day! For those of you that don't know, Dapper Day is a bi-annual event held at Disneyland in CA, as well Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL, and celebrates the styles of yesteryear when people would actually dress up to go to the parks. There are usually several meet-ups going on at various locations throughout the parks, and no matter where you go, you'll find people dressed to the nines, snapping photos and grinning ear to ear. It's a pretty magical day!

I had my first taste of Dapper Day last spring. I was supposed to meet a friend down in FL for the weekend, but I got ghosted, and I was not about to let that ruin my mini-vacay! So on the morning of my first Dapper Day (on my first ever solo trip), I donned my Tinkerbell finest (I got told I looked like a princess by the sweetest little girl at the bus stop!), boarded a bus bound for Magic Kingdom, & hoped for the best. Dapper Day did not disappoint!

Flashback to Spring Dapper Day 2017!

Y'ALL. Let me be the first to tell you about the magical pixiedusted adventure that is Dapper Day. So here I am, wandering down Main Street by myself, a little apprehensive but nonetheless excited as all get out that I'm 1. in the most magical place on earth & 2. wearing the cutest vintage style outfit, dressed as Tinkerbell. For a girl who is legit obsessed with Disney & fashion (especially vintage), Dapper Day is the perfect amalgamation of the two. 

I drank Starbucks on the hub grass with new friends, made even more friends that I ended up hanging out with until park closing, was in a YouTube video, and got interviewed for a style blog all in the same day! If you get the chance to Dapper (yes, it's a verb now), go. If you're flying solo, fly high my friend & just do it! Don't overthink it, don't talk yourself out of it, just put on that poofy pink dress & your cateye sunnies, and go WORK IT down the Main St. runway. You will make friends, people will gush over your ensemble (& you'll fawn over theirs), and you will totally lose track of time because you'll be having so much fun.

But enough flashbacks. I was crushed I couldn't go this spring (mommy duty calls!), but I wasn't about to let that stop me from dapperbounding locally. I had always wanted to try bounding as Rapunzel, and I had the perfect Second Star Co. dress for it: a sweet little lilac number with a full skirt (2 crinolines underneath there, folks!) & flutter sleeves. Usually 50s dresses have unbelievably tiny waists. There have been so many times I've come across the most perfect tulle confection of a dress, only to cry tears of agony when I read the waist size of 22"-24" (which was incredibly common for the time. WHY THOUGH.). However, this Punzie number had a waist that was actually too big for me, so I had to cinch that sucker with a belt. But the pop of yellow added just what I needed!

I accessorized with a white basket handbag and some fun daisy sandals. I styled my hair in the signature side braid and DIYed the flower hair clips. (Want a 5 second tutorial? Get some flowers from hobby lobby, glue them to felt circles, and hot glue the felt to an alligator clip. BOOM. Punzie hair complete. Craft level = expert). And what would a 1950s Punzie be without some classic white cateye sunnies? I'll tell you. She would be blind. And squinty-eyed. It was very sunny that day!! (Pssssst...you can shop my sunnies here!)

Once in my lost princess garb, I headed for the Chattanooga Choo Choo hotel to meet a friend for drinks (because rule #1 of dappering: thou shalt not dapper alone! I mean, you can..but it's way more fun to dress up with friends!)

How cute is this Beauty & the Beast inspired sangria!? I have no idea what this drink was called, but it definitely needed a catchy BATB themed named. Just look at that rose!

Next up: "hub grass" photo sesh in the hotel courtyard! I love the Choo Choo for so many reasons. One of them being the beautiful grounds of the hotel. There are several fountains out in the gardens & it's the perfect spot for people watching & relaxing. There's even a bar in one of the train cars, but we didn't stop in on that day (but next time!!)

While it obviously wasn't the same as the real thing, it was so much fun to bring a little bit of that dapper magic to Chattanooga. I'll most definitely be at spring 2019, so if you need me, I'll be over here low key planning my next dapperbound a whole year in advance :)

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